Crate Burning

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“I'm goin' nuts here! We're gettin' more and more boxes of junk every day! Do me a favor and burn all of these up right quick. Whaddya say?”
Gearmo, Super Mario Galaxy 2
Mario playing the Crate Burning minigame in the Rightside Down Galaxy
Crate Burning as seen in the Upside Dizzy Galaxy

Crate Burning is a minigame playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2. As the name implies, it involves Fire Mario or Fire Luigi burning the Crates on the arena. The minigames can only be played in Rightside Down Galaxy in the mission The Great Crate Incinerator, and in Upside Dizzy Galaxy in the mission Burning Upside Dizzy. The objective of the minigame is to use the Fire Flower abilities (the effects last for the entire minigame) to burn all the crates on the arena (a similar arena to the Bob-omb Blasting minigames from Super Mario Galaxy) within the time limit of twenty seconds. If all of the crates are burned before time's up, the Gearmo rewards Mario or Luigi with a Power Star. Losing the minigame doesn't result in losing a life, instead making the player start the minigame over again.


  • This minigame is found only in galaxies based around multiple areas of frequent gravity-switching. This is parallel to the Bob-omb Blasting minigame from Super Mario Galaxy only appearing in the Battlerock Galaxy and the Dreadnought Galaxy, which share common characteristics as industrial-themed galaxies.