Spiky Gummit

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Spiky Gummit
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Parent species Gummit
Two Gummits along with two Spiky Gummits and a Golden Gummit.

A Spiky Gummit, also known as Spiny Gummit[1] is a variant of Gummit appearing in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Much like the Gummit and the Golden Gummit, they only appear in the missions The Chimp's Skating Challenge in the Freezy Flake Galaxy and The Chimp's Ultimate Skating Challenge in the Shiverburn Galaxy‎. They will cause the player to fall backwards and lose a few seconds.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トゲポン
From "toge" (spike) and Gummit's Japanese name
French Patapic From pic (spine)


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