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First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)

Smeeches[1] are small, spherical enemies that solely appear in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. They appear as pink winged creatures with two beady eyes and plump lips. Their name is a portmanteau of the words "smooch" and "leech."

Smeeches' only method of attack is kissing and sucking Yoshi's lips, making him unable to use his tongue or eat fruits. If Yoshi tries to eat one, the creature will suck on his lips. They can only be defeated with a Spin or get jumped on. Also, they will flee from Mario or Luigi if they are not riding Yoshi. To get a Smeech off of Yoshi's mouth, Yoshi himself has to spin his head to make the Smeech vanish, dropping Star Bits. If Mario or Luigi dismount or get knocked off Yoshi, the Smeech will detach from Yoshi's mouth and hover away.

Smeeches are first encountered in the Yoshi Star Galaxy, ever since the first mission, Saddle Up with Yoshi. They are encountered later on in the Hightail Falls Galaxy, the Haunty Halls Galaxy, the Sweet Mystery Galaxy, and the Starshine Beach Galaxy.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブッチュン
From Buchu!, sudden clinging sound such as kissing.
French Podkol Cropping of the idiom pot de colle (litt. jar of glue), used to refer to someone who leeches off others
Italian Sbaciotto Pun on sbaciucchiare (to smooch)



  • If the player goes into first-person mode while riding Yoshi and the Smeech kisses him, the player can see the inside of the Smeech; however, only the lips are visible.
  • If Yoshi collects a Power Star with a Smeech on his lips, it appears in the "You got a star!" scene, still stuck to his lips.
    • A Smeech also stays on Yoshi's lips if he takes a Launch Star.


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