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This article is about the meteorites that can be Ground Pounded from Super Mario Galaxy 2. For the meteors that rain from the sky from both Super Mario Galaxy games, see Meteor.
Mario about to Ground Pound a Meteorite
“A meteorite! You can Ground Pound it to break open the door!”
Luma, Super Mario Galaxy 2

A meteorite is a rocky object found in outer space. It makes a notable appearance in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as an item that Mario can use to his advantage. These round meteorites are gold and have the ground-pound switch symbol on them. To use a meteorite, Mario simply has to jump into the air near a meteorite, which will automatically attract him via its gravitational pull. Once on the meteorite, Mario must position himself in exactly the right place, and then perform a Ground Pound to launch it toward a target. This simple action enables Mario to forcefully hit objects that are much larger than he is. He must first use them to break apart large stone locks blocking the way through giant doors in several Bowser levels. Later, Mario must actually use them during Bowser battles to attack Bowser. He must hit him with meteorites four times to defeat him (in the final battle, Mario must hit Bowser eight times instead). However, if Mario is not able to Ground Pound a meteorite quick enough during a Bowser battle, it will lose its golden color and turn black, after which it will crumble and disappear. They first appeared in Bowser's Lava Lair and later in Bowser's Gravity Gauntlet and Bowser's Galaxy Generator respectively.

The symbol on the meteorites is not emblazoned to the rock itself and therefore can move if the target moves (it always faces away from the target). This is easiest seen in the second phase of the final Bowser fight, as Bowser moves frequently. Meteorites are Mario's only footing there (and therefore never break until triggered).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Stampfattacken-Meteorit Ground pound Meteorite
Italian Meteorite Meteorite