Gearmo (gold)

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Species Gearmo
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
“Ooooh! Look at this adorable little guy... So cute and ferocious! Thanks!”
Gearmo, Super Mario Galaxy 2

The gold Gearmo is a minor character in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It sends a letter to Mario asking for help in the Boulder Bowl Galaxy. This letter opens up the mission C'mere, Goomba. It appears on the Boulder Planet and Mario has to go talk to it. When Mario speaks with it, it tells him that it loves Goombas and requests that Mario needs to go and find one. It then makes four pillars appear which Mario has to get the Goomba to come in between. They can also be broken open for Star Bits.

Gearmo with its new Goomba.

Once Mario finds and lures a Goomba into the square, the gold Gearmo will become very happy, exclaim its delight for the captured Goomba, and thank the player with a Power Star. After the mission, the gold Gearmo can be found on Starship Mario, and will share a 1-Up Mushroom with Mario as thanks for helping it. If the player speaks with the Gearmo after Mario collects the 1-Up Mushroom, it will respond saying, "I kinda dig those Goomba guys." For the rest of the game, it can be found having tea with the similar silver Gearmo, who collects Topmen.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パマコ
From「パマタリアン」(Pamatarian, Gearmo) and「子」(-ko, a feminine name suffix)

German Goldener Hausmeister
Golden Gearmo
Italian Tuttofare Dorato
Golden Gearmo
Spanish (NOE) Mecachacha dorada
Golden Gearmo