Bronze Star

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Bronze Star
Artwork of a Bronze Star from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
“What you will get is a Smg2 icon bronzestar.png Bronze Star. If a Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Power Star is what you seek, you must reach it by yourself.”
Cosmic Spirit, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Bronze Stars are items similar to Power Stars that Mario can get only in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are almost exactly the same as normal Power Stars, except that they are bronze instead of gold and are depicted as being dull and rusty. They appear only if Mario asks the Cosmic Spirit to activate the Cosmic Guide mode. If this happens, the Power Star immediately becomes a Bronze Star. The Bronze Stars still add to the Power Star count, but if the player wishes to get a regular Power Star, they have to play through the level without the help of the Cosmic Spirit. However, even though Bronze Stars are counted as part of the player's Star total, they must not have any Bronze Stars in order to unlock Grandmaster Galaxy. Bronze Prankster Comet Stars can be found only in World S, while only one Bronze Grand Star exists in the entire game, in Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla.

Bronze Star icons
Smg2 icon bronzestar.png Bronze Power Star
Smg2 icon bronzecomet.png Bronze Prankster Comet Star
Sprite of a Bronze Grand Star from the user interface (UI) of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Bronze Grand Star


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブロンズスター
Buronzu Sutā
Bronze Star

Dutch Bronzen ster
Bronze Star
French Étoile de bronze
Bronze Star
German Bronzestern
Bronze Star
Italian Stella Bronzo
Bronze Star
Spanish Estrella de Bronce
Bronze Star