Yoshi Star

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This article is about the power-up in Yoshi's New Island. For the Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2, see Yoshi Star Galaxy.
Yoshi Star
Artwork of two Yoshi Stars, from Yoshi's New Island.
Two Yoshi Stars
First appearance Yoshi's New Island (2014)
“Nab a Yoshi Star to become Super Yoshi, who can dash up walls and across ceilings!”
Message Block in Ground Pound Rebound, Yoshi's New Island

A Yoshi Star is an item that appears in Yoshi's New Island. When a Yoshi collects it, he turns into Super Yoshi, becoming invincible while also becoming faster and gaining the ability to climb up walls, similarly to the Super Star from the previous games. Yoshi Stars also have red counterparts that usually appear after the player completes a segment full of yellow Yoshi Stars. The effects wear off after a short while, though the Yoshi can maintain them by collecting more Yoshi Stars.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシースター
Yosshī Sutā
Yoshi Star

French (NOA) Étoile Yoshi
Yoshi Star
Italian Yoshistella
Russian Звезда йоши
Zvezda yoshi
Yoshi Star