Enemy Eat-Off

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Enemy Eat-Off

Enemy Eat-Off is a two-player minigame in Yoshi's New Island. The objective of the minigame is to eat and turn as many enemies into eggs as possible in one minute. A Yoshi starts the minigame in a castle-like area with four pipes nearby. Random enemies also appear at various intervals. A POW Block also randomly appears once in a while and destroys all enemies onscreen when struck. The player who gets more points at the end is the winner, with each egg being worth ten points.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 敵を食べちゃえ
Teki o tabe chae
Eat up the enemies
Dutch Vijandverslinder Swallow enemies
French (NOA) Buffet à volonté Serve yourself food
French (NOE) La grande gobée The grand chomp
German Feindesfestmahl Enemy dinner
Italian Mangianemici Swallower
Portuguese (NOE) Grande Banquete Big Feast
Russian Обжорки
Spanish (NOA) Bufé de enemigos Enemy Buffet
Spanish (NOE) Zampaenemigos Enemy Gobbling