Binoculars (Yoshi's New Island)

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This article is about the object found in Yoshi's New Island. For the object found in the Super Mario series, see Binoculars.
Model of binoculars from Yoshi's New Island. Rendered in 3ds Max 2020.
Model of binoculars from Yoshi's New Island. Animated in 3ds Max 2020. Note: The exported animation does not support the bubble morph animation, and gif format does not support semi-transparency that comes with the bubble.
A pair of Binoculars as they appear in Chomp Rock 'n' Roll
“Binoculars help you scope out the area. Move your system to look up and down and all around!”
In-game description, Yoshi's New Island

Binoculars are a rare type of item appearing in Yoshi's New Island. They appear in a total of three levels: Chomp Rock 'n' Roll, Harry Hedgehog's Labyrinth, and Fort Key Calamity. In most instances, Binoculars are located in a somewhat larger area of a certain level, encased in a bubble.

When a Yoshi collects a pair of Binoculars, the player is given a view of the entire area, allowing them to see hidden portions and items contained in the section. Using gyroscope controls, the player can tilt their Nintendo 3DS for views at different angles. Although there is a specific amount of time the player is allowed to use the Binoculars for, they are allowed to return to the same spot to collect and use them again.