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This article is about an item in Super Mario 3D Land. For information about the item in Yoshi's New Island, see Binoculars (Yoshi's New Island).
Artwork of a pair of binoculars.
Looking through a pair of binoculars.

Binoculars[1] (called Telescopes in Nintendo Power[2]) are telescopic devices in Super Mario 3D Land. If Mario steps on a green platform in front of it, he can look through the lens and get a view of the whole area. The binoculars are controlled by moving the Nintendo 3DS around using its gyro-sensor control and the player can press L Button or R Button to zoom out and zoom in, respectively. The player can also look for hidden Toads, and if the Toads are sighted, they will throw out items such as Star Medals, 1-Up Mushrooms, or even Stars. The camera can also be moved about using the Circle Pad on the 3DS. The image within the binoculars appears as 2D even if 3D is turned on.

Names in other languages[edit]

Mario with a pair of Binoculars.
Language Name Meaning
Spanish Telescopio[citation needed] Telescope
French Jumelles[citation needed]
Dutch Verrekijkers[citation needed] -

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  • In certain levels from the game (such as World 1-3) where the pair of Binoculars are found, the player may be able to spot with them a white UFO that eventually disappears from sight.[3]
  • In the Goomba Spotting minigame in Mario Party 9, the whole minigame seems to have been seen from a pair of binoculars, except at the ending.


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