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Cookatiel in Super Mario Odyssey
Species Fowl
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Latest appearance Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Nintendo Switch / Nintendo 3DS) (2018)
Latest portrayal Yuki Kodaira (2017-present)

Cookatiel is a gigantic pink bird with a chef hat and ruffled white wings debuting in Super Mario Odyssey. Its name is a pun on "cook" and "cockatiel".

Physical appearance[edit]

Cookatiel is a large bird, more specifically resembling a hen, dressed in chef's attire. Its natural body consists of hot pink skin with white, roughly square-shaped feathers that are arranged to look like a coat or shirt. Despite having the ability to fly, its wings are disproportionately small compared to its feather-covered body. It has a curved, mostly yellow beak with an orange tip. The talons have two toes on the front and one on the back, following the previous color pattern along with having cyan nails. Hanging under the beak is a red wattle, a feature commonly associated with poultry. Similar material surrounds the eyes, and the eyelids are a different shade of pink than the skin with eyelashes and dark purple eyeliner. The eyes themselves are crossed, with the position of each pupil changing only as it moves, similar to googly eyes. Finally, the Cookatiel's tail has identical feathers to its torso but five select individuals are extremely elongated, simulating the sickle feathers of a rooster.

Cookatiel also wears clothing similar to most Volbonans, with a white chef's hat on its head and a red neckerchief around its neck.


Super Mario Odyssey[edit]

Cookatiel appears as the second boss of the Luncheon Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey, later reappearing in Peach's Castle. It is first encountered when Mario tries to reach the stew pot at the top of Mount Volbono to collect a Multi Moon. Mario captures a giant steak at Meat Plateau and Cookatiel carries it up to the stew pot. After Mario collects the Multi Moon, a volcanic explosion blasts him off the mountain. It is encountered again when Mario captures a Lava Bubble and re-enters the stew pot.

In battle, Cookatiel spits various fruits into the stew pot. It eventually gushes out pink liquid (either when Mario hits it from below, or after a while) that Mario can travel up while evading durians, and reaching Cookatiel will damage it. Cookatiel will then spit out more fruits in the second phase, and gush out the pink liquid in a zigzag fashion. In the third phase, Cookatiel will spit even more fruits, and gush out the pink liquid in small bursts, so Mario has to jump across them to get to Cookatiel. Once defeated, Cookatiel will fall into the stew and explode, revealing the Multi Moon.

In the rematch at Peach's Castle, the fight is mostly the same, but there are now three Moonsnakes in the stew, which Mario must avoid. Cookatiel also only spits durians into the stew. When Cookatiel is defeated again, it will explode, releasing the Multi Moon.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker[edit]

Cookatiel also makes an appearance in the level Cookatiel's Sizzling Sprint in the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch versions of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, where it chases Captain Toad throughout the level while spitting durians onto the course.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コック鳥
Pun on「コック長」(kokku-chō, head chef) and「鳥」(chō, the on'yomi reading of "bird")
Chinese (Simplified) 厨师鸟
Chúshī niǎo
Chef Bird
Chinese (Traditional) 廚師鳥
Chúshī niǎo
Chef Bird
Dutch Cookatiel -
French Toque-toque Pun on "toque" (a brimless hat that usually referring to a chef's hat) and "toc-toc" (a slang word for "nutty")
German Chefgock From "chefkoch" (head chef) and "gockel" (rooster)
Italian Gourmello From "gourmet" and "uccello" (bird)
Korean 쿡조
A translation of the Japanese name
Russian Поваруша
From "повар" (povar, cook) and possibly "-уша" (-usha, a Serbo-Croatian suffix used for forming a pejorative, usually denoting an animal)
Spanish Chefarraco From "chef" and "pajarraco" (ugly bird)


  • Cookatiel's rectangular feathers are a remnant from an unused design; it was originally going to have a blocky shape similar to the geography of the Luncheon Kingdom.[1]