Episode 3

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This article is about Episode 3 from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. For other uses, see Episode 3 (disambiguation).
Episode 3
CTTT Episode 3 Prologue Gold Mushroom.png
Appearance Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Levels 28
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Episode 3 is the third episode of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. This episode has 28 levels and has two bosses; the first is Gold Draggadon, and the second is Wingo.

In this episode, Captain Toad starts in a dark cave after being blown away by Wingo in Battle Tower Blitz. Captain Toad reaches the top of the cave and collects the Power Star, but Wingo takes the Star and Toadette. Defeating Wingo and completing Episode 3 unlocks the Bonus Episode.


Level Number Level Name Preview Description Bonus Objective Target Time
The Search for Toadette
Episode 3-1 Rolling Inferno Rolling Inferno.jpg A level featuring Charvaarghs and rolling platforms. Collected 75 coins! 003
Episode 3-2 Seesaw Sizzle Seesaw Sizzle.png A lava temple featuring Spikes and tilting platforms. Didn't defeat any of the Spikes! 033
Episode 3-3 Beep Block Sky Plaza Beep Block Sky Plaza.png A course featuring the Beat Blocks from Super Mario 3D World. Didn't take any damage! 043
Episode 3-4 Pickax Cave Plummet Pickax Cave Plummet.jpg A level with Super Pickaxes and Rock Blocks. Didn't break any Rock Blocks! 043
The Search for Captain Toad
Episode 3-5 Stumpy Springs Sanctuary Toadette and Wingo.png A course featuring a huge tree Ant Troopers. Found the hidden Gold Mushroom! 040
Episode 3-6 Biddybud Snow Stroll Biddybud Snow Stroll.png A snow level where players walk on the right tiles to get the power star. Didn't break any tiles! 023
Episode 3-7 Cagey Conkdor Caper Cagey Conkdor Caper.png A cage-level with many Conkdors. Found the hidden Gold Mushroom! 042
Episode 3-8 Up 'n' Down Desert UpNDownDesert.jpg A ruin level were players need to press P Switches to make it to the star Used switches 8 times to clear! 027
Episode 3-9 Mine Cart Ruins Rumble MineCartRuinsPart1.jpg The game's final mine cart level; a ruin level containing Ant Troopers and Mud Troopers. Collected the 1-Up Mushroom! 140
Captain Toad's Trials
Episode 3-10 Multi-Vator Mayhem MultiVatorMayhem.jpg A course featuring Double Cherries and multi-person platforms. Cleared course with 5 Toads! 020
Episode 3-11 Flip Panel Footpath FlipPanelFootpath.jpg A level featuring many Flip Panels. Collected 45 coins! 025
Episode 3-12 Rock Block Badlands RockBlockBadlands.jpg A large fortress with two Turnip Cannons and many Rock Blocks. Cleared using 10 shots or fewer! 050
Episode 3-13 Secret of the Golden Realm Gold Draggadon.jpg A boss battle against Gold Draggadon. Cleared course in 10 touches! 080
Toadette's Tribulations
Episode 3-14 Shy Guy Shadow Den ShyGuyShadowDen.jpg A dark temple level with many Shy Guys. Slipped past all of the Shy Guys! 023
Episode 3-15 Razzle-Dazzle Slider RazzleDazzleSlider.jpg A pinball table were you need to slide down to 5 color buttoms to open the star. Didn't fall into any holes! 005
Episode 3-16 Poison Canal Cannon Run PoisonCanal.jpg A level with poison and Double Cherries. Cleared course with 4 Toadettes! 036
Episode 3-17 Fright Train Flight FrightTrainFlight.jpg A haunted train level were players must avoid Mud Troopers. Defeated all of the Mud Troopers! 045
Episode 3-18 No Sleep at Magikoopa Keep Magikoopa Treasure Tracker.jpg A spooky tower level featuring Magikoopas. Collected 190 coins! 090
Reunited at Last?
Episode 3-19 Retro Ramp-Up Captain Toad DK level.png A level based on the Donkey Kong arcade game. Broke all of the blocks! 048
Episode 3-20 Twisty-Turny Planet TwistyTurnyPlanet.jpg A level with rolling hills. Found the hidden Gold Mushroom! 025
Episode 3-21 Ghost Gallery Gambit GhostGalleryGambit.jpg A Ghost-House level that slowly sinks into poison. Found the hidden Gold Mushroom! 108
Episode 3-22 Touchstone Turmoil TouchstoneTurmoil.jpg A level featuring an orange and a blue Touchstone. Cleared course in 6 touches! 026
Episode 3-23 Color Crate Carousel ColorCrateCarousel.jpg A large rotating structure with a Gold Mushroom. Collected the Gold Mushroom! 003
Episode 3-24 Trick-Track Hall TrickTrackHall.jpg A Japanese-styled level with Spikes. Found the hidden Gold Mushroom! 040
Episode 3-25 Deep-Space Gyromajig Gyromajig.jpg A level that rotates when P Switches are pressed. Didn't take any damage! 035
Episode 3-26 Magma Road Marathon Captain toad lava.jpg A level featuring Dash Panels and lava. Collected 150 coins! 039 (Wii U)
041 (Switch)
Episode 3-27 Scalding Scaffold Sinkhole Scalding Scaffold Sinkhole.png A large tower that sinks into the lava. Collected 200 coins! 055
The Ultimate Treasure
Episode 3-28 Wingo's Whackdown Wingo's Whackdown.png The final battle against Wingo. Collected 220 coins! 240

Names in other languages[edit]

The Search for Toadette[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピコを探して
Kinopiko o Sagashite
Search for Toadette
Spanish En busca de Toadette In Search of Toadette
French Il faut retrouver Toadette We Must Find Toadette
Dutch Op zoek naar Toadette Looking for Toadette
German Wo bist du, Toadette? Where are you, Toadette?
Italian Alla ricerca di Toadette The Search for Toadette

The Search for Captain Toad[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピオ隊長を探して
Kinopio Taicho o Sagashite
Search for Captain Toad
Spanish (NOA) En busca del capitán Toad In Search of Captain Toad
Spanish (NOE) En busca del Capitán Toad In Search of Captain Toad
French (NOA) Il faut retrouver Capitaine Toad We Must Find Captain Toad
French (NOE) Il faut retrouver le capitaine Toad We Must Find Captain Toad
Dutch Op zoek naar Toad-baas Looking for Captain Toad
German Wo bist du, Kapitän Toad? Where are you, Captain Toad?
Italian Alla ricerca di Capitan Toad The Search for Captain Toad

Captain Toad's Trials[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピオ隊長の試練
Kinopio Taicho no Shiren
Captain Toad's Trials
Spanish (NOA) El capitán Toad a prueba Captain Toad on Trial
Spanish (NOE) El Capitán Toad a prueba Captain Toad on Trial
French (NOA) Une épreuve pour Capitaine Toad A challenge for Captain Toad
French (NOE) Une épreuve pour le capitaine Toad A challenge for Captain Toad
Dutch De beproevingen van Toad-baas The Ordeals of Captain Toad
German Die Leiden des Kapitän Toad Captain Toad's Suffering
Italian L'impresa di Capitan Toad The Company of Captain Toad

Toadette's Tribulations[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピコの挑戦
Kinopiko no Chosen
Toadette's Challenges
Spanish El desafío de Toadette Toadette's Challenges
French Le défi de Toadette Toadette's Challenge
Dutch De beproevingen van Toadette The Ordeals of Toadette
German Toadettes große Herausforderung Toadette's Large Challenge
Italian La sfida di Toadette Toadette's Challenges

Reunited at Last?[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 再会を信じて
Saikai o Shinjite
Believe in Reunion
Spanish Al reencuentro con ilusión To the Reunion with Illusion
French (NOA) Enfin réunis? Finally Reunited?
French (NOE) Quand nous reverrons-nous ? When will we see each-other again?
Dutch Hoop op een hereniging Hope for a Reunification
German Glaub fest an ein Wiedersehen Believe Firmly in a Reunion
Italian A un passo dal ricongiungimento A Step Away from Reunification

The Ultimate Treasure[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さいごのお宝
Saigo no Otakara
The Last Treasure
Spanish El tesoro final The Final Treasure
French Le plus précieux des trésors The Most Precious of Treasures
Dutch De grootste schat The Biggest Treasure
German Der kostbarste Schatz von allen The Most Precious Treasure of All
Italian Il tesoro finale The final treasure