Pluck Patch

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A Pluck Patch

Pluck Patches[1] are patches resembling a ? Block containing a small tuft of grass that appear in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker; they are similar to the grass tufts of Super Mario Bros. 2. By pressing A Button near one, Captain Toad or Toadette can pull on it to grab its contents out of the ground. They generally act like ? Blocks, containing coins or power-ups, though they may also contain Super Gems and Turnips; Pluck Patches containing Super Gems or power-ups must be pulled multiple times before they can be removed, and if the patch contains multiple coins like a Coin Block, the player can pluck multiple times. Special, invisible Pluck Patches contain Gold Mushrooms, and will appear once Captain Toad approaches their location. Once the patch is removed, the Pluck Patch turns brown, resembling a used Block.


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