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This article is about the DLC episode from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. For the post-endgame special episodes from Wario: Master of Disguise, see Wario: Master of Disguise § Episodes.
Special Episode
Special episode banner for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
The promotional banner for the Special Episode
Game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Level(s) 18
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The Special Episode is a purchasable DLC episode for the Nintendo Switch version of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. It was released on March 14, 2019. This episode includes five new courses and 13 new challenges in existing courses. This DLC is not available in the Nintendo 3DS version.

In this episode, Captain Toad seeks Shiny Crowns, rather than Power Stars and Power Moons as in the previous episodes (in the last level, a Super Crown is collected instead). Playing the game in the "Adventure for Two" co-op mode allows players to play as Captain Toad and Toadette at the same time.

This episode can be unlocked for play once the DLC is purchased at any time.


Level Number Level Name Preview Description Bonus Objective Target Time
The Search for the Legendary Crown
Episode Special-1 Shifty Shrine ShiftyShrine.png A shrine that splits open occasionally. Took down 3 posters 028
Episode Special-2 Crown Capture at Mushroom Ruins CrownCaptureatMushroomRuins.png A remake of Episode 1 Prologue, with a Crown Capture Challenge. Found the hidden Golden Mushroom 024
Episode Special-3 Boo Spotting at Darkly Cove BooSpottingatDarklyCove.png A remake of Episode 3 Prologue, with lots of Boos. Lit all the fires 020
Episode Special-4 Goomba Galleon GoombaGalleon.png A ship with lots of Goombas and Bullet Bills. Collected 200 coins 075
Episode Special-5 Crown Capture on the Touchstone CrownCaptureontheTouchstone.png A remake of Touchstone Trouble, with a Crown Capture challenge. Cleared course in 9 touches 021
Episode Special-6 Boo Spotting at Shadow Den BooSpottingatShadowDen.png A remake of Shy Guy Shadow Den, with lots of Boos. Lit all the fires 021
Episode Special-7 Mine Cart Scalding Scaffold MineCartScaldingScaffold.png A remake of Scalding Scaffold Sinkhole, with a Mine Cart ride. Collected 200 coins 118
Where Is the Crown?
Episode Special-8 Cocoa Meltdown CocoaMeltdown.png A level with chocolate and biscuit environments, with rising hot chocolate on the botton layer. Found the hidden Golden Mushroom 040
Episode Special-9 Crown Capture at Up 'n' Down Terrace CrownCaptureatUpnDownTerrace.png A remake of Up 'n' Down Terrace, with a Crown Capture Challenge. Only used the switches 4 times 032
Episode Special-10 Boo Spotting at Shy Guy Heights BooSpottingatShyGuyHeights.png A remake of Shy Guy Heights, with lots of Boos. Lit all the fires 050
Episode Special-11 Flip Panel Panic FlipPanelPanic.png A level with lots of flip panels activated by Spikes. Didn't take any damage 069
Episode Special-12 Crown Capture at Pop-Up Prairie Town CrownCaptureatPopUpPrairieTown.png A remake of Pop-Up Prairie Town, with a Crown Capture challenge. Didn't take any damage 030
Episode Special-13 Boo Spotting on the Fright Train BooSpottingontheFrightTrain.png A remake of Fright Train Flight, with lots of Boos. Lit all the fires 045
Episode Special-14 Spinning Starmaze SpinningStarmaze.png A maze that rotates depending on where Captain Toad stands. Collected 100 coins 042
Episode Special-15 Boo Spotting at Multi-Vator Mayhem BooSpottingatMultiVatorMayhem.png A remake of Multi-Vator Mayhem, with lots of Boos. Defeated all the Big Boos 045
Episode Special-16 Wingo's Double Trouble WingoDoubleTrouble.png A battle against Wingo who uses a doppelganger to fight alongside him. Did not hit fake Wingo with a turnip 065
The Hunt Continues
Episode Special-17 Crown Capture in Wandering Woods CrownCaptureinWanderingWoods.png A remake of Midnight in the Wandering Woods, with a Crown Capture challenge. Didn't take any damage 050
Episode Special-Mummy Chaos in the Grand Labyrinth ChaosintheGrandLabyrinth.png Similar to Mummy-Me Maze Forever, except with 30 levels instead of 50. Cleared with all Brigade members N/A

Names in other languages[edit]

Special Episode[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 特別編
Special Episode

The Search for the Legendary Crown[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 伝説の王冠を求めて
Densetsu no Ōkan o Motomete
Search for the Legendary Crown

Dutch Op zoek naar de speciale kroon
Looking for the Special Crown
French (NOA) Sur les traces de l'illustre couronne
In the Footsteps of the Illustrious Crown
French (NOE) À la poursuite de l'illustre couronne
In Pursuit of the Illustrious Crown
German Auf der Spur der legendären Krone
On the Trail of the Legendary Crown
Italian Alla ricerca della corona leggendaria
In Search of the Legendary Crown
Spanish Tras la corona legendaria
After the Legendary Crown

Where Is the Crown?[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese お目当ての王冠はどこだ?
Omeate no Ōkan wa Doko da?
Where is the Crown We Seek?

Dutch Waar is de kroon?
Where is the Crown?
French (NOA) Couronne de nos rêves, où es-tu?
Crown of Our Dreams, Where Are You?
French (NOE) Couronne de nos rêves, où es-tu ?
Crown of Our Dreams, Where Are You?
German Wo ist die richtige Krone?
Where is the Right Crown?
Italian Dov'è la corona che cerchiamo?
Where is the Crown We Seek?
Spanish ¿Dónde está la corona?
Where is the Crown?

The Hunt Continues[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese まだまだ続く王冠探し
Madamada Tsuzuku Ōkan Sagashi
The Crown Search Still Continues

Dutch De zoektocht gaat verder!
The Search Continues!
French (NOA) La quête de la couronne continue
The Quest for the Crown Continues
French (NOE) La couronne reste introuvable
The Crown Cannot Be Found
German Die Krone, zum Greifen nah!
The Crown, Within Reach!
Italian La ricerca della corona continua...
The Search for the Crown Continues...
Spanish La búsqueda continúa
The Hunt Continues