Scalding Scaffold Sinkhole

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Scalding Scaffold Sinkhole
Scalding Scaffold Sinkhole.png
Level code Episode 3-27
World Episode 3
Game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Objective Collected 200 coins! (Wii U / Switch)

Collected 130 coins! (3DS)

Target 55 seconds
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Scalding Scaffold Sinkhole is the twenty-seventh course of Episode 3 in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and its Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS ports of the same name. It requires 155 Super Gems to unlock, and it is played by Toadette. A level in the Special Episode titled Mine Cart Scalding Scaffold takes place in this level.


The course starts out at an extended platform over some lava which is connected to a spiraling tower. Once the player moves forward, the tower starts sinking into the lava and the player must climb a ladder in order to reach the higher portion of the tower. This portion of the tower starts with a corridor with a Piranha Sprout and a Pluck Patch with a turnip. As the level continues there are more Piranha Sprouts and Pluck Patches which contain turnips or even a Super Mushroom, Spike Traps as well as branching paths off the tower that contain large groups of coins and even Super Gems. At the end of the level, there is a long ladder which leads to this level's Power Star, ending the level.

Super Gems[edit]

Three Super Gems can be found throughout the level.

  • Super Gem 1: At the end of a hard-to-miss extended platform.
  • Super Gem 2: In a small alcove. Although it is accessible via ladder, this is time-consuming and can easily result in losing a life from the lava. Instead, Toadette must fall down from the highest ledge and dash to collect it.
  • Super Gem 3: In a Pluck Patch at an extended platform just before the final ladder.


Pixel Toad[edit]

The Pixel Toad can be found underneath two piles of coins located just above the second Super Gem.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 沈みゆくメタルキャッスル
Shizumiyuku Metaru Kyassuru
Sinking Metal Castle

Dutch Heet onder de voeten
Hot Under the Feet
Italian La piattaforma di ferro affonda
The iron platform sinks
Spanish (NOA) El hundimiento del torreón de metal
The Sinking of the Metal Tower