Twisty-Turny Planet

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Twisty-Turny Planet
World-Level Episode 3-20
World Episode 3
Game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
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Twisty-Turny Planet is the twentieth course of Episode 3 in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.


The level is entirely set on two clouds, with three grass wheels set side by side between the two. If the player stands on the edge of one of the wheels, it will rotate in the direction of where the player is standing. Along the wheels are blue platforms. To collect the Power Star, the player must stand on the edges of the wheels to move the blue platforms so they line up towards the Power Star. Once the platforms have been positioned correctly, the player can use a blue pipe to travel up to a higher platform, and then cross the platforms to reach the Power Star.

Super Gems[edit]

  • Super Gem 1: By spinning the middle wheel around for long enough, a slightly elevated grass platform should appear, with the Super Gem atop it. The player can then easily use the ramp to get the Gem.
  • Super Gem 2: If the player continues to spin the middle wheel, they will come across another blue platform, with the Super Gem atop it. The player must then use the blue pipe to cross the first platform onto the platform with the Gem.
  • Super Gem 3: If the player spins the third wheel, they will eventually come across a circular hole in the side. By entering this hole, they can spin the wheel and reach a lower cloud platform, where they will find the Toad Brigade. If the player interacts with Blue Toad, he will give them a Super Gem.

Bonus Objective[edit]

Luigi Sighting[edit]

There is an 8-bit Luigi at the bottom of the first wheel. It can be seen by going down to the bottom of the level or by spinning it upwards.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コロコロプラネット
Korokoro puranetto
Roly-Poly Planet
Dutch Draaiplaneet Twist-Planet
Italian Il pianeta girogirotronco