Floaty Fun Water Park

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Floaty Fun Water Park
Floaty Fun Water Park.png
World-Level Episode 2-5
World Episode 2
Game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
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Floaty Fun Water Park is the fifth course of Episode 2 in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. This course takes place in an underwater park with some Clear Pipes. Toadette must use the blue Clear Pipe to reach a high ledge, where a red Clear Pipe will take her to a P Switch, which raises the water level and the platform with the Power Star. After raising the water level, Toadette can enter the yellow Clear Pipe, which allows her to eventually reach the Power Star.

Super Gems[edit]

  • Super Gem 1: Inside a tunnel near the P Switch.
  • Super Gem 2: Accessible via a junction in the yellow Warp Pipe.
  • Super Gem 3: Inside a secret area on the left. The player needs to drop onto it from above to gain access to it.

Bonus Objective[edit]

  • Defeated all of the Goombas!
  • Target time: 38 seconds

Pixel Toad[edit]

The Pixel Toad is seen running behind the bench.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese うきうきウォーターパーク
Uki-uki Wōtā Pāku
Exhilarating Water Park
Spanish Chapuzones en el parque aquático Dips in the Aquatic Park
French (NOE) Trempette au parc aquatique Dipping at the Water Park
Dutch Aanvaring in het aquapark Collision in the Water-Park
German Nasser Spaß im Wasserpark Wet Fun in the Water Park
Italian Un Caotico Parco Acquatico A Chaotic Water Park