Wingo's Double Trouble

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Wingo's Double Trouble
Level code Episode Special-16
World Special Episode
Game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Objective Didn't hit fake Wingo!
Target 65 seconds
Boss Wingo
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Wingo's Double Trouble is the sixteenth level of Special Episode in the Nintendo Switch version of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. It was released on March 14, 2019 for players who have purchased the Special Episode DLC. This is the first of two levels in the Special Episode to not include Super Gems, the second being Chaos in the Grand Labyrinth.


The level begins with the Toad Brigade members besides the player on top of a stormy tower like the ones in Wingo's Watchtower and Wingo's Whackdown. The Blue Toad here gives the player a 1-Up Mushroom. From there, a Clear Pipe Cannon launches Captain Toad to the familiar coin-covered peak of the tower where Wingo is fought.

Once the fight begins, a second magic orb colored blue instead of purple goes in the opposite direction than Wingo, soon revealing itself to be a clone. The player can distinguish the two by looking at their necks: the real Wingo carries a Power Star, while the fake Wingo carries a clear, silver star instead. Both of them can hit and affect the player with their various attacks, and can often attack simultaneously. However, they cannot both use their wind gust attacks at the same time.

Throwing a giant turnip at the fake Wingo will only phase it out and cause it to teleport to a new location. The player can only damage the real Wingo. After hitting the real Wingo three times with giant turnips, it will be defeated and the player is rewarded with the Shiny Crown to finish the level.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 怪鳥ウィンゴの分身バトル
Kaichō Wingo no Bunshin Batoru
The Strange Bird Wingo's Clone Battle
Dutch Weerzien met Wingo
French (NOA) Wingo en duo Wingo-Duo
French (NOE) Double ration de Wingo
German Wingos Doppelgänger Wingo's Doppelganger
Italian Doppio Wingo? Doppia seccatura! Double Wingo? Double Trouble!
Spanish (NOA) Wingo al cuadrado Wingo Squared
Spanish (NOE) A falta de Wingo, malos son dos Without Wingo, Two is Even Worse