Episode 2

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This article is about Episode 2 from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. For other uses, see Episode 2 (disambiguation).
Episode 2
Captain Toad intro 2.png
Captain Toad and Toadette about to get the Power Star in the prologue.
Appearance Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Levels 18
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Episode 2 is the second episode of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. This episode has 18 levels and has one boss; Draggadon.

In this episode, Captain Toad and Toadette continue treasure hunting, and they climb a structure (similar to the one in Episode 1) to get a Power Star. Soon after, Wingo grabs the Power Star. Captain Toad attempts to retrieve it, but Wingo leaves off with him and the Star, leaving Toadette on her own. Completing this episode will unlock Episode 3.


Level Number Level Name Preview Description Bonus Objective Target Time
The Captain Gets Toadnapped!
Episode 2-1 Chute Scoot Slopes Slide level Captain Toad.png A level featuring slides and Spinwheels. Collected the Gold Mushroom! 035
Episode 2-2 Stumper Sneakaround CTTT StumperSneakaround.png A dark forest course featuring Stumpers. Defeated all of the Piranha Creepers! 033
Episode 2-3 Mine Cart Sunset Rundown TreasureTracker-E32014-Screenshot10.png A mine cart level in the mountains. Collected 140 coins! 070
Episode 2-4 Sinister Street Signs Toadette new enemies.jpg A dark course featuring Mud Troopers. Defeated all of the Mud Troopers! 021
Onward, Toadette!
Episode 2-5 Floaty Fun Water Park Sleeping Goomba Level CaptainToadTreasureTracker.png A course featuring Goombas in floaties. Defeated all of the Goombas! 038
Episode 2-6 Drift-Along Canyon CTTT DriftAlongCanyon.png A level featuring toxic water and rafts. Didn't take any damage! 085
Episode 2-7 Sliding Slab Shuffle CTTT SlidingSlabShuffle.png A brick building featuring Touchstones. Cleared course in 4 touches! 023
Episode 2-8 Spooky Specters at Shadow Manor CTTT ShadowManor.png A Ghost House course with Boos and Peepas. Collected the 1-Up Mushroom! 025
Episode 2-9 Draggadon's Revenge CTTT Draggadon'sRevenge.png A volcanic course with a rematch against Draggadon. Didn't take any damage! 073
Farewell, Pyropuff Peak
Episode 2-10 Spinwheel Cog Ruins CTTT SpinwheelCogRuins.png A course featuring Spinwheels and cogs. Found the hidden Gold Mushroom! 030
Episode 2-11 Windup Stairs CTTT WindupStairs.png A level taking place on a windup box. Found the hidden Gold Mushroom! 020
Episode 2-12 Up 'n' Down Terrace CTTT UpNDownTerrace.png A level taking place in a gazebo. Cleared using switches 3 times! 028
Episode 2-13 Clear Pipe Puzzleplex CTTT ClearPipePuzzleplex.png A large maze of Clear Pipes. Collected 70 coins! 017
On the Trail of the Great Bird
Episode 2-14 Midnight in the Wandering Woods Toadette bioluminiscent mushrooms.jpg A dark forest course featuring Stumpers and Peepas. Found the hidden Gold Mushroom! 028
Episode 2-15 Double Cherry Spires Night castle Captain Toad.png A palace-like course that makes use of the Double Cherry. Collected the Gold Mushroom! 052
Episode 2-16 Bullet Bill's Touchy Trials CTTT BulletBill'sTouchyTrials.png A fortress-like level featuring Bullet Bills and Touchstones. Found the hidden Gold Mushroom! 045
Episode 2-17 Spinwheel Sky Fort Toadette spinwheel.jpg A level featuring Spinwheels and Bull's-Eye Bills. Didn't take any damage! 038
Operation Rescue Captain Toad
Episode 2-18 Battle Tower Blitz CTTT BattleTowerBlitz.png A large level featuring many towers where enemies are fought. Collected 170 coins! 130

Names in other languages[edit]

The Captain Gets Toadnapped![edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さらわれたキノピオ隊長
Sarawareta Kinopio Taicho
Captain Toad was Kidnapped
Spanish (NOA) El secuestro del capitán Toad Captain Toad Gets Kidnapped
Spanish (NOE) El secuestro del Capitán Toad Captain Toad Gets Kidnapped
French (NOA) Capitaine Toad manque à l'appel Captain Toad Lacks the Call
French (NOE) Le capitaine Toad manque à l'appel Captain Toad Lacks the Call
Dutch De ontvoering van Toad-baas The Kidnapping of Captain Toad
German Kapitän Toad wurde entführt! Captain Toad was Kidnapped!
Italian Il rapimento di Captain Toad The Abduction of Captain Toad

Onward, Toadette![edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 進め!キノピコ
Susume! Kinopiko
Advance, Toadette!
Spanish ¡En marcha, Toadette! Let's go, Toadette!
French (NOA) En avant, marche, Toadette! Forward, March, Toadette!
French (NOE) En avant, marche, Toadette ! Forward, March, Toadette !
Dutch Voorwaarts, Toadette! Onwards, Toadette!
German Gib nicht auf, Toadette! Don't give up, Toadette!
Italian Avanti, Toadette! Next, Toadette!

Farewell, Pyropuff Peak[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 火ふき山を後にして
Hifuki Yama o ato ni shite
Leave the Fire Blowing Mountain
Spanish Más allá del monte de fuego Beyond the Fire Mountain
French L'adieu au mont Souflardent Farewell to Mount Pyropuff
Dutch Vaarwel, Vuurspuvius!
German Lebe wohl, Glutspitze! Farewell, Pyropuff!
Italian Oltre il Monte Sputafuoco Beyond Mount Pyropuff

On the Trail of the Great Bird[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 追いかけろ!大怪鳥
Oikakero! Daikaicho
Chase the Giant Strange Bird!
Spanish ¡No huyas, pajarraco! Don't flee, bird!
(pajarraco is the way of calling a bird, pájaro, with contempt)
French Sur la piste du grand oiseau On the Trail of the Big Bird
Dutch Op de hielen van de reuzenvogel On the Heels of the Giant Bird
German Dem Vogel auf den Fersen The Bird on the Heels
Italian Inseguimento del pennuto gigante Tracking the Giant Bird

Operation Rescue Captain Toad[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピオ隊長救出作戦
Kinopio Taicho Kyūshutsu Sakusen
Operation Rescue Captain Toad
Spanish (NOA) Al rescate del capitán Toad To the Rescue of Captain Toad
Spanish (NOE) Al rescate del Capitán Toad To the Rescue of Captain Toad
French (NOA) À la rescousse de Capitaine Toad To the Rescue of Captain Toad
French (NOE) À la rescousse du capitaine Toad To the Rescue of Captain Toad
Dutch Operatie 'Red Toad-baas' Operation "Rescue Captain Toad"
German Mission "Rettet den Kapitän!" Mission "Rescue the Captain!"
Italian Obiettivo: salvare Captain Toad Objective: Save Captain Toad