More Coins Galore

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More Coins Galore
World Episode 2
Bonus Episode
Game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
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More Coins Galore is the second of the three bonus Mystery Box levels in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and its Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS ports of the same name, as well as the second of the three "Unlimited Coins Galore" levels in the Bonus Episode unlocked after clearing the bonus objective of Mummy-Me Maze Forever.

Before the level is fully unlocked in the Bonus Episode, a Mystery Box page for the level would occasionally appear on the level selection screen of Episode 2 after clearing a different level in the game, although the player could only play through it once. After the level is unlocked, however, it can then be played for an unlimited amount of times. The level has no bonus objective, and merely serves as an opportunity to collect as many coins as possible. If being played in Episode 2, the player will play as Toadette. In the Bonus Episode, they play as Captain Toad instead.


Captain Toad or Toadette start on a small garden area with the rest of the Toad Brigade in front of two gates with Mystery Boxes. If they approach Blue Toad, they can receive a Super Mushroom from him. The left gate has a Super Pickaxe sign above it, while the right gate has a Double Cherry sign. The player can choose one of the two Mystery Boxes to enter a 10-second minigame centered on the power-up indicated by the sign.

  • Super Pickaxe minigame: Captain Toad or Toadette are teleported to an enclosed area consisting of Brick Blocks, where they can break through them and try to reach Empty Blocks with coin piles or Gold Mushrooms. Once they reach the bottom, Captain Toad or Toadette can fall into one of the four areas to get a few extra coins.
  • Double Cherry minigame: Captain Toad or Toadette are teleported to a slide they can slide down to acquire the two supplied Double Cherries. Afterwards several ten-coin Pluck Patches appear for Captain Toad or Toadette and their copies to pluck.

After the timer runs out, the level ends, and the player's coin count is shown on-screen.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese もっとコインパラダイス
Motto Koin Paradaisu
More Coin Paradise
French Grande moisson de pièces Great Coins Harvest
Italian Pioggia di monete Rain of coins
Spanish Tormenta de monedas Coin Storm