Drop-Road Dash

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Drop-Road Dash
The illustration of Drop-Road Dash in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
Level code Episode 1-15
World Episode 1
Game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Objective Didn't defeat any Para-Biddybuds.
Target 43 seconds
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Drop-Road Dash is the 15th course of Episode 1 in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and its Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS ports of the same name. This level takes place in the sky with Dash Panels, Donut Blocks, and Para-Biddybuds serving as obstacles.


Captain Toad starts off on a blue platform followed by a Donut Block. Then Captain Toad will pass a dash panel and will have to dash through the level while avoiding Para-Biddybuds and falling. Captain Toad can also go on colored platforms and pick up Turnips to defeat the Para-Biddybuds.

Super Gems[edit]

Drop-Road Dash from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Layout of the course.
  • Super Gem 1: On a Donut Block after the first blue-resting platform.
  • Super Gem 2: On a Donut Block after the first green-resting platform.
  • Super Gem 3: On an inaccessible blue platform. The player must throw a Turnip at it to collect it.

Pixel Toad[edit]

Once on the second blue platform, the player needs to step on the Donut Blocks next to it and return to the platform. Pixel Toad is behind the Donut Blocks.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 疾走ラッカロード
Shissō Rakka Rōdo
Sprint on the Falling Road

Dutch De vallende weg
The Falling Road
French (NOA) Chutes tous azimuts
Falls all Azimuths (azimuth, angle of the horizon)
French (NOE) Ruée sur la dégringole-allée
Rush on the Plummet Alley
German Sprint über die Bröckelstraße
Sprint over the Crumbling-Track
Italian Sfida corri o cadi
Run or Fall Challenge
Spanish (NOA) La carrerita de las caídas
The Race of the Falls
Spanish (NOE) Acelerones y caídas en las alturas
Dashes and falls on high