Multi-Vator Mayhem

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Multi-Vator Mayhem
Shot of Multi-Vator Mayhem.
Level code Episode 3-10
World Episode 3
Game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Objective Cleared course with 5 Toads! (Wii U / Switch)

Collected 110 coins! (3DS)

Target 20 seconds
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Multi-Vator Mayhem is the tenth course of Episode 3 in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and its Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS ports of the same name.


In this course, Captain Toad has to make it across a grassland while collecting Double Cherries dodging Flaptors and a Shy Guy. In the 3DS version of the level, three of the Double Cherries were removed due to hardware limitations.

Super Gems[edit]

Three Super Gems can be found throughout the level.

  • Super Gem 1: In the alcove with the Super Pickax Pluck Patch, hidden behind a stack of two Rock Blocks. The Rock Blocks must be destroyed in order to reach it.
  • Super Gem 2: In the same room, there is a four-character Multi-Vator (two-character Multi-Vator in the 3DS version) that, when activated, takes Captain Toad directly to the Super Gem.
  • Super Gem 3: On the elevated platform with what looks like a fir tree, pulling a Pluck Patch reveals the Super Gem.


Luigi sighting[edit]

An 8-bit Luigi can be seen on top of the tree.

Pixel Toad[edit]

The player must have four Double Cherry clones, then step on the four-character Multi-Vator. Pixel Toad will be hiding behind a poster.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つくりかけ砦とマルチリフト
Tsukurikake Toride to Maruchi Rifuto
A Fort in the Works and Multi-Vators
Dutch Alleen is maar alleen Alone is just alone
French (NOE) Micmac sur le monte-charge Mess On The Elevator
Italian Il fortino delle pedane di gruppo The blockhouse of the group platforms
Spanish (NOA) Duplicerezas y pluriplataformas Double-Cherries and Multi-Vators