Episode 1

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This article is about Episode 1 of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. For other uses, see Episode 1 (disambiguation).
Episode 1
Captain toad intro.jpg
Toadette being kidnapped by Wingo in this episode's prologue.
Appearance Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Levels 18
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Episode 1 is the first episode of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. This episode has 18 levels and has two bosses; the first is Draggadon, and the second is Wingo.

In this episode, Captain Toad and Toadette are treasure hunting, and they climb a structure to get a Power Star. Soon after, Wingo grabs the Power Star. Toadette attempts to retrieve it, but Wingo leaves off with her and the Star, leaving Captain Toad on his own. Defeating Wingo and completing this episode unlocks Episode 2.


Level Number Level Name Preview Description Bonus Objective Target Time
The Secret Is in the Stars
Episode 1-1 Plucky Pass Beginnings CTTT Plucky Pass Episode 1.png A basic level with a Shy Guy and the Toad Brigade. Collected the Gold Mushroom! 016
Episode 1-2 Walleye Tumble Temple TreasureTracker-E32014-Screenshot1.png A ruins level with Walleyes. Didn't destroy the temple's bridge! 040
Episode 1-3 Touchstone Trouble CTTT TouchstoneTrouble.png A level with a blue and pink Touchstone. Cleared course in 3 touches! 005
Episode 1-4 Mushroom Mesa MushroomMesa.png A course with Flaptors and Shy Guys. Defeated all of the enemies! 022
The Chase to Pyropuff Peak
Episode 1-5 Double Cherry Palace CaptainToadCherryJPOverview.png The first course with a Double Cherry. Collected 70 coins! 065
Episode 1-6 Shy Guy Heights CTTT ShyGuyHeights.png A course with many Shy Guys. Slipped past all of the Shy Guys! 038
Episode 1-7 Spinwheel Library CTTT SpinwheelLibrary.png A Ghost House with a Spinwheel that can rotate the center part of the course. Collected the Gold Mushroom! 010
Episode 1-8 Mine Cart Tunnel Throwdown CTTT MineCartTunnelThrowdown.png A course that features a mine cart. Defeated all of the Para-Biddybuds! 073
Episode 1-9 Spinwheel Bullet Bill Base CTTT SpinwheelBulletBillBase.png A course with Bullet Bills. Collected the Gold Mushroom! 051
Episode 1-10 The King of Pyropuff Peak Boss1TreasureTracker.png A volcanic course where Draggadon is fought. Collected 45 coins! 067
The Hunt for the Great Bird's Lair
Episode 1-11 Piranha Creeper Cove CTTT PiranhaCreeperCove.png A course with Piranha Creepers. Collected 70 coins! 009
Episode 1-12 Briny Bowl Swimming Hole Captain Toad flaptors.jpg A course mostly underwater. Found the hidden Gold Mushroom! 017
Episode 1-13 Turnip Cannon Jungle CTTT TurnipCannonJungle.png A jungle course with a Turnip Cannon. Cleared course using only 1 shot! 019
Onward, Captain Toad!
Episode 1-14 Pop-Up Prairie Town CTTT PopUpPrairieTown.png A Western town with platforms movable by blowing into the Wii U GamePad microphone. Collected the 1-Up Mushroom! 037 (Wii U)
040 (Switch)
Episode 1-15 Drop-Road Dash CTTT DropRoadDash.png An athletic course with Donut Blocks and Dash Pads. Didn't defeat any Para-Biddybuds! 043
Episode 1-16 Bizarre Doors of Boo Mansion Boomansiondoor.png A course at a Ghost House. Cleared course in 4 touches! 032
Episode 1-17 Blizzard on the Star Express TreasureTracker-E32014-Screenshot2.jpg A level set on a train. Collected the 1-Up Mushroom! 065
Operation Rescue Toadette
Episode 1-18 Wingo's Watchtower Wingo boss encounter.jpg A tower where Wingo is fought. Collected 70 coins! 127

Names in other languages[edit]

The Secret Is in the Stars[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese てがかりはお宝スター
Tegakari wa Otakara Sutā
The Clue is the Treasure Star
Spanish La clave está en las estrellas The Key is in the Stars
French (NOA) Les étoiles sont la clé... The Stars are the Key...
French (NOE) Toutes les étoiles mènent à Toadette All Stars Lead to Toadette
Dutch In de sterren geschreven It Is Written in the Stars
German Auf der Spur der Sterne On the Trace of the Stars
Italian Sulle tracce delle iper stelle! On the Trace of the Power Stars!

The Chase to Pyropuff Peak[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 追いかけて火ふき山へ
Oikakete Hifuki Yama e
Chase to the Fire Blowing Mountain
Spanish Persecución hasta el monte de fuego Chase until the Fire Mountain
French (NOA) Poursuite au mont Souflardent Continuation to Mount Pyropuff
French (NOE) En route pour le mont Souflardent In Route to Mount Pyropuff
Dutch Op naar de Vuurspuvius
German Wilde Jagd zur Glutspitze Wild Hunt to Pyropuff
Italian Inseguimento: al Monte Sputafuoco Tracking: To Mount Pyropuff

The Hunt for the Great Bird's Lair[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 大怪鳥の巣はどこだ?
Daikaicho no Su wa Doko da?
Where is the Nest of the Strange Giant Bird?
Spanish El nido gigante no aparece... The Giant Nest does not appear...
French En quête du nid du grand oiseau In Search of the Great Bird's Nest
Dutch Op zoek naar de reuzenvogel Looking for the Giant Bird
German Die Suche nach dem Riesenvogel The Search for the Giant Bird
Italian Dov'è il nido del pennuto gigante? Where is the Nest of the Giant Bird?

Onward, Captain Toad![edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 進め!キノピオ隊長
Susume! Kinopio Taicho
Advance, Captain Toad!
Spanish (NOA) ¡En marcha, capitán Toad! Let's go, Captain Toad!
Spanish (NOE) ¡En marcha, Capitán Toad! Let's go, Captain Toad!
French (NOA) En avant, marche, Capitaine Toad! Forward, March, Captain Toad!
French (NOE) En avant, marche, capitaine Toad ! Forward, March, Captain Toad !
Dutch Voorwaarts, Toad-baas! Onwards, Captain Toad!
German Gib nicht auf, Kapitän Toad! Don't give up, Captain Toad!
Italian Avanti, Captain Toad! Next, Captain Toad!

Operation Rescue Toadette[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピコ救出作戦
Kinopiko Kyūshutsu Sakusen
Operation Rescue Toadette
Spanish Al rescate de Toadette To the Rescue of Toadette
French À la rescousse de Toadette To the Rescue of Toadette
Dutch Operatie 'Red Toadette' Operation "Rescue Toadette"
German Mission "Rettet Toadette" Mission "Rescue Toadette"
Italian Obiettivo: salvare Toadette! Objective: Save Toadette!