Wario: Master of Disguise

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Wario: Master of Disguise
Wario Master of Disguise NA box art.jpg
North American box art
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Developer Suzak
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Nintendo DS, Virtual Console (Wii U)
Release date Nintendo DS:
Japan January 18, 2007
USA March 5, 2007
Australia May 17, 2007
Europe June 1, 2007
Virtual Console (Wii U):
Europe August 20, 2015
Australia August 21, 2015
Japan October 7, 2015
USA June 9, 2016
Genre Platformer
ESRB:ESRB E10+.svg - Everyone 10+
PEGI:PEGI 7.svg - Seven years and older
CERO:CERO A.svg - All ages
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
Mode(s) Single player
Wii U:
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Nintendo DS:
Game Card
Wii U:
Nintendo DS:

Wario: Master of Disguise is a platform game developed by Suzak for the Nintendo DS. It is the first Wario platform title since Wario World, and the seventh Wario platform game overall. This game returns to the franchise's traditional 2D style, as Wario World was designed in 3D. It is also the franchise's first and only Wario platform title launched for the Nintendo DS. The game sees Wario getting sucked into a television show, where he seeks to overtake a famous phantom thief, Count Cannoli, as the world's greatest thief. He receives the ability to transform into eight different disguises, each one serving a unique purpose for specific levels. The Japanese title refers to Wario's transformations, with the exception of the first one: Thief Wario, as this disguise is his standard form.

The game was later released for the Wii U Virtual Console.


While channel surfing for treasure leads on a listless day, Wario accidentally stumbles upon a television show starring future rival Count Cannoli, a.k.a. The Silver Zephyr. Although he is quick to insult the show's premise, Wario is secretly extremely jealous of this master thief and his wand Goodstyle and the riches he has accumulated. Not to be outdone, Wario dashes off to his secret headquarters (his back room) and constructs the Telmet. With this new device in tow, and an insatiable lust for treasure, Wario enters the television and makes his big screen debut.

Upon entering this new world, Wario inadvertently crash lands on Count Cannoli himself. The impact forces Cannoli to drop his wand. Wario, quick to snatch his first piece of treasure, immediately recovers the wand. Upon seeing this, Cannoli demands that Wario return his wand, as it is the source of his power. Wario is quick to inform Cannoli that he will never be getting his wand back, as Wario is having far too much fun waving it about in the air. However upon doing this, the wand begins to speak, revealing that the wand is a being of its own, known as Goodstyle. Goodstyle, with no harsh feelings towards Wario, informs him of the many capabilities that he possesses and how Wario, who Goodstyle refers to as "master", much to Wario's pleasure, can use these capabilities to his advantage. After a quick lesson about how to use him, Goodstyle transforms Wario into a master thief, the silent, but deadly Purple Wind.

Through this new persona, Wario begins a race around the world, along with rival Count Cannoli to collect all the pieces of the infamous Wishstone, believed to grant the wishes of the one who possesses it in its entirety. Throughout their adventures, Wario and Cannoli also run into master thief Carpaccio, who is also in search of the Wishstone fragments. Wario, whose wish is to own all the treasures and riches of the world, stops at nothing and manages to gather all five pieces of the Wishstone through the help of Count Cannoli (who recognizes Wario as the superior criminal) and the mysterious masked maiden known only as Tiaramisu. Wario, Cannoli, and Tiaramisu manage to assemble the Wishstone in its entirety, only to have Tiaramisu reveal to them a secret. It is revealed that Tiaramisu is actually a demon known as Terrormisu who was trapped within the Wishstone, and through its reassembling was now free to reign over this world. This doesn't settle well with Wario, who is furious about the Wishstone not granting his wish for treasure. In a fit of rage, Wario and Goodstyle take Terrormisu on and after a heated battle, emerge victorious.

Terrormisu is then banished into an alternate dimension where she can threaten the world no longer. It is then revealed that Goodstyle is actually the first member of the Cannoli clan who enlisted Wario to tackle the foreboding threat of Terrormisu. Wario, feeling used and cheated, expresses his rage and discontent to Goodstyle. Goodstyle quickly informs Wario that through his accomplishments, he has earned the vast amount of treasure and riches that the Cannoli clan has accumulated throughout the generations. Wario agrees to this arrangement and the player is then treated to a clip of Wario being showered with treasure. Wario, content with the events that transpired, resolves to head back to the real world with his treasure.

However, upon returning to the real world, it is revealed that the Telmet only teleported Wario to the real world, not his treasure. Upon seeing his treasure on the television, Wario slips into a fit of disbelief and resolves to re-enter the television to collect his earnings.


The overall gameplay uses all of the features of the Nintendo DS. The handheld's Stylus is the primary source of gameplay, as it is used to change Wario's current disguise into a new one. Each disguise has it's own command that must be drawn in order to transform Wario. All disguises have special abilities that use different enhancements of the Nintendo DS. The standard controls of the game can be played entirely with either the +Control Pad or the system's face buttons. Wario's gameplay is seen on the bottom screen, while the Telmet displays the HUD on the top screen. The Telmet shows the map of the location Wario is in. The location's map is divided into different rooms. Glowing blue dots on the map marks where doors are. Rooms completely filled yellow signal a special chest (purple or green) is located there. Red-filled rooms mark where the boss battle of that episode will take place. Above the map is a timer that tracks how much time Wario takes in the episode. The Telmet also displays eight icons with the symbol for each of Wario's disguises. The number next to these icons symbolize what level each disguise is on in terms of upgrading. In the middle of the top screen below the map is Wario's money total from that episode. Below the money total is another icon, which displays the symbol of Wario's current disguise. Lastly, the Telmet displays Wario's health in the form of hearts. The amount of hearts Wario has can be upgraded in Vita Mighty mini-games. Along with platforming, there are also minigames (much like WarioWare) that must be beaten to win treasures that are added to Wario's loot. These include a sliding puzzle, connect the dots, matching, exterminating cockroaches, and several others.

Standard controls[edit]

  • A Button / +Control Pad right: Move right
  • +Control Pad left: Move left
  • Y Button: Move left or right (depending on which direction Wario is facing)
  • B Button / +Control Pad down: Crouch
  • X Button / +Control Pad up: Jump
  • Stylus: Enter in desired command to change Wario's disguise

Special controls[edit]

Thief Wario:

  • Draw a check mark on Wario with Stylus: Transform into Thief Wario
  • Tap the Touch Screen with Stylus: Tackle

Cosmic Wario:

  • Draw a circle around Wario's head with Stylus: Transform into Cosmic Wario
  • Tap the Touch Screen with Stylus: Fire laser beams

Arty Wario:

  • Draw a "canvas symbol" (square with a line going from the bottom left corner to the top right corner) around Wario with Stylus: Transform into Arty Wario
  • Draw a square with Stylus: Build a block
  • Draw a heart shape with Stylus: Create a heart to replenish health
  • Draw a square with a diagonal going from the top left corner to the bottom right corner with Stylus: Creates a warp door (links to hat switches)
  • Draw anything but the two mentioned commands: Creates a walking piece of feces

Genius Wario:

  • Draw a magnifying lens (circle with a line through the middle) on Wario's body: Transform into Genius Wario
  • Tap the Touch Screen with Stylus: Activate Genius Wario's punching glove

Sparky Wario:

  • Draw a lightning bolt over Wario with Stylus: Transform into Sparky Wario
  • Tap the Touch Screen with Stylus: Create light in a dark room, destroy enemies, or activate broken machinery

Captain Wario:

  • Draw a prow (backwards C) shape on Wario's stomach with Stylus: Transform into Captain Wario
  • Draw a line to the left or right with Stylus: Speed up Captain Wario's paddling
  • Tap the Touch Screen with Stylus: Shoot torpedoes

Dragon Wario:

  • Draw a tail from Wario's backside with Stylus: Transform into Dragon Wario
  • Tap the Touch Screen with Stylus: Breathe fire

Wicked Wario

  • Draw a wing on Wario's back with Stylus: Transform into Wicked Wario
  • Blow into Microphone: Fly straight up



Wario's Disguises[edit]

Image Disguise Description
WMODWario.png Wario An undisguised Wario is briefly played as in the game's first level. He is used for the tutorial that transforms him into Thief Wario.
WMODThiefWario.png Thief Wario Thief Wario is the first disguise Wario earns in the game. This disguise is activated when a check mark is drawn on Wario's back. Thief Wario is able to jump higher and run faster than all other disguises. Additionally, he has a tackle attack that can be used to bash enemies.
WMODCosmicWario.png Cosmic Wario Cosmic Wario is activated when a circle is drawn around Wario's head. He is able to shoot lasers at enemies and at blocks to reveal new doors and pathways. Cosmic Wario's jump is the slowest out of all disguises.
WMODArtyWario.png Arty Wario The third disguise obtained is Arty Wario and is activated when a square, divided diagonally into two, is drawn over Wario. As Arty Wario, Wario is able to draw up to three boxes that he can stack to reach higher areas and hearts to replenish health. He is also able to create doors that bring him back to the last save point. The boxes he draws can also activate switches to open doors. Arty Wario, however, is unable to move.
WMODGeniusWario.png Genius Wario Genius Wario is activated when a magnifying lens is drawn over Wario's face. He can see invisible (otherwise inaccessible) doors, platforms, passages and switches. Additionally, Genius Wario has an extended punching glove that can destroy enemies and breakable blocks. This glove can also activate switches on the wall.
WMODSparkyWario.png Sparky Wario Sparky Wario is activated when a lightning bolt is drawn over Wario's body. He can create light in dark rooms, reactivate broken machinery, and destroy enemies with his shock ability.
WMODCaptainWario.png Captain Wario When a ship's prow is drawn on Wario's stomach, he becomes Captain Wario. He has the ability to row across surfaces of water and become a submarine when submerged under the surface. While submerged, Captain Wario can shoot torpedoes to destroy enemies or blocks.
WMODDragonWario.png Dragon Wario Wario's dragon disguise is activated when a triangular tail is drawn from Wario's backside. He can breathe fire to destroy enemies or blocks with a flame symbol. Additionally, he is able to safely swim in lava. Dragon Wario, however, breaks through thin surfaces on the floor due to his weight.
WMODWickedWario.png Wicked Wario The final disguise of the game is Wicked Wario, who is activated upon drawing a wing from Wario's back. Wicked Wario has the ability to fly. When approaching the ground after flight, he slowly descends until he lands on his feet.


Normal enemies[edit]

Image Name Description Episode(s)
Amphibigun WMOD.png Amphibigun Amphibiguns grow from the walls and shoot slow-moving bullets from their mouths. Episode 10
Battle Salmon.png Battle Salmon Battle Salmon are underwater creatures that aim themselves at Wario, causing him damage and themselves to self-destruct. Episodes 3 and 7
Blamses.png Blamses Blamseses are golden cannons that shoot projectiles at Wario. Episode 5
Blow Globe.png Blow Globe Blow Globes are spherical, floating creatures that reveal their mouths when Wario approaches. They shoot at snowflakes. When defeated, their residue can help grow Sipping Stalks. Episode 4
Bombat.png Bombat Bombats are bat creatures that ignore Wario until he harms then. Upon being attacked, they blow up, damaging Wario. Episodes 5, 7, and 8
Buffy the Dolphin.png Buffy the Dolphin Buffy the Dolphins are muscular dolphins that release yellow orbs of harmful energy by flexing. Episode 8
Cyborca.png Cyborca Cyborcas are whale-like robots that attack Wario by shooting orange balls at him. Episode 7
Davincheese.png DaVincheese DaVincheeses are mice-like enemies that attempt to bite Wario. Episode 2 and Special Episode 1
Dave.png Dave Daves are invincible police dogs. They fight Wario in a boxer-like style. Wario's attacks only temporarily stun them. Episode 3
Fluffy the Dolphin.png Fluffy the Dolphin Fluffy the Dolphins are dolphin enemies that aide Stuffy the 64th in his battle against Wario. They jump out of the water and shoot yellow orbs at Wario. Episode 8
Galley Cat.png Galley Cat Galley Cats are waiter-themed felines. Their method of attack is throwing plates of food at Wario. Episode 1 and Special Episode 1
Gooey.png Gooey Gooeys are ghost enemies whose heads separates from its bodies. They send smaller versions of themselves to attack Wario. Episode 8
Horkus Porkus.png Horkus Porkus Horkus Porkuses are ancient Egyptian-like statues that slowly rise up into the air to attack Wario. Episode 3
Jack the Knife.png Jack the Knife Jack the Knives are animated knives. They are about as big as Wario and shoot out from tables to attack him. Episode 2
K9 Cannon.png K9 Cannon K9 Cannons are ancient Egyptian-like dogs that rest on the floor. They act as cannons by shooting small orange orbs in the direction of Wario. Episode 5
Lurchin WMoD.png Lurchin Lurchins are underwater creatures that resemble sea urchins. They swim in slow patterns and cause Wario harm if contact is made. Episode 3 6
Mellow Kitty.png Mellow Kitty Mellow Kitties are feline creatures encompassed in a teal ball. Their attack on Wario is consuming him. Wario can escape their grasp if the player taps on them with the stylus. Episode 9
Mr. Cheeky.png Mr. Cheeky Mr. Cheekies are denture-wearing apes. Their attack on Wario is rather unconventional, as they pass gas in his direction, causing him damage. Episode 4
Munchelangelo.png Munchelangelo Munchelangelos are gray mice that attack Wario with a biting lunge. They are defeated after just one hit. Episodes 1 and 2
Nigel B Whistlebottom.png Nigel B. Whistlebottom Nigel B. Whistlebottoms are museum watchmen. They have shields to protect themselves from Wario's frontal attacks. They also blow whistles when they spot Wario, summoning other security guard enemies. Episode 3
Noobis.png Noobis Noobises are Egyptian statues with a head of a jackal. They slowly rise up towards Wario as an attempt to cause him damage. They are defeated by multiple jumps on the head. Episode 3
Officer Kicksworth.png Officer Kicksworth Officer Kicksworths are lanky museum watchmen who appear when a Nigel B. Whistlebottom blows his whistle. They fight Wario with a powerful kick that sends him flying backwards. Episode 3
Puffy the Dolphin.png Puffy the Dolphin Puffy the Dolphins are a deceased dolphin species that wear an afro with sunglasses. They send hairballs from their afro, harming Wario if hit. Episode 8
Pushy Cat.pngPushy Cat boxes.png Pushy Cat Pushy Cats are feline bellhops that push carts with cardboard boxes. To attack Wario, they forcefully push their carts towards his direction. Episodes 1, 2, and Special Episode 1
Ramenses II.png Ramenses II Ramenses II's are other Egyptian statues that represent a human. They levitate into the air and stomp below as a method of attack. Episode 3
Ratfael.png Ratfael Ratfaels are variants of Munchelangelos. They are orange and slightly stronger than Munchelangelos. Episodes 2, 10, and Special Episode 1
RoboUrchin.png RoboUrchin RoboUrchins are robotic variants of Lurchins that appear in groups of either two or three. They have no attack, but still cause Wario damage if he makes contact with them. Episode 7
Rolltergeist.png Rolltergeist Rolltergeists are rolls of bread that attack in groups. They attack by slowly rolling towards Wario. Episode 8
Sarcopha Guy.png Sarcopha Guy Sarcopha Guys are mummies encased in sarcophagi. They lunge out of their sarcophagus if Wario approaches them. Episode 5
Scare-Oh.png Scare-Oh! Scare-Oh!'s are ancient Egyptian lion statues. They prevent attacks from above by deploying spikes on their heads and they shoot purple orbs at Wario. Episodes 3, 5, and 10
Seed Weed.png Seed Weed Seed Weeds are walking plants with a yellow head. They shoot seeds from their mouths, which quickly grow into more Seed Weeds. Episode 6
SergeantHoundstooth.png Sergeant Houndstooth Sergeant Houndstooths are other variants of security guards. They are also summoned by Nigel B. Whistlebottom's call. They oversee Daves and command them to attack Wario. Episode 3
Sir Flap-A-Lot.png Sir Flap-A-Lot Sir Flap-A-Lots are red robotic birds that breathe blue flames towards Wario. Episode 8
Sir Hop-A-Lot.png Sir Hop-A-Lot Sir Hop-A-Lots are variants of Sir-Lance-A-Lots. They are green and bounce on pogo-sticks. If attacked, they will lose their pogo-sticks and act as standard Sir Lance-A-Lots. Episodes 9 and 10
Sir Lance-A-Lot.png Sir Lance-A-Lot Sir Lance-A-Lots are lance-wielding robots that charge at Wario with their weapon. Their lances prevent frontal attacks. Episode 3 4 7 9
Sir Steal-A-Lot.png Sir Steal-A-Lot Sir Steal-A-Lots are variants of Sir Worth-A-Lots that carry a sack over their shoulder. If Wario is spotted, they run away. If damaged, gems fall out of their bag until completely defeated. Episodes 9 and 10
Sir Worth-A-Lot.png Sir Worth-A-Lot Sir Worth-A-Lots are golden variants of Sir Lance-A-Lots. They are the same as Sir Lance-A-Lots, except they can retain more damage. Episodes 9 and 10
Slaughterfork.png Slaughterfork Slaughterforks are giant forks that launch themselves from tables in an effort to damage Wario. Episode 2
Slithervine.png Slithervine Slithervines are aggressive plants. Their stem is a series of green spikes and their purple heads attack Wario. Episode 4 6
Snackeral.png Snackeral Snackerals are pink robotic fish. They appear in lava and, if they swim into Wario, they steal his Sweatmore Hotpants, causing him to take damage in the lava. If Wario loses these pants, nearby red chests become purple chests and reward him with a new pair. Episode 7
Snow Globe WMOD.png Snow Globe Snow Globes are blue orbs that follow Wario if he is not looking in their direction. They grow larger by absorbing Wario's attacks. Episode 4
Sphinx Jr.png Sphinx Jr. Sphinx Jr.'s are the little brothers of the Sphinx. They attack Wario by shooting cannons at him. Episode 4
Spoonatic.png Spoonatic Spoonatics are spoon enemies that attack Wario by lunging from tables, similar to the other utensil-themed enemies of the game. Episode 2
Squabble.png Squabble Squabbles are sea gulls that slowly fly towards Wario and bite him if close enough. They are sometimes found in groups. Episode 1 and Special Episode 1
Stankulus.png Stankulus Stankuluses are naked bronze statues with blonde hair. Their hair is their source of attack, as they shoot fire from it. Episode 3
Stuffythe5th.png Stuffy the 5th Stuffy the 5th is a dolphin statue enemy. It shoots lasers from its mouth to attack Wario. Episode 8
Thorn Weed.png Thorn Weed Thorn Weeds are sub-species of Seed Weeds with spiky heads. These spikes are fired towards Wario in an attempt to harm him. Episode 6
Tooty Kamen.png Tooty Kamen Tooty Kamens are another Egyptian statue enemy. Like the other ones, they slowly rise up in the air and attempt to crush Wario below. Episode 3
Treasure Pest.png Treasure Pest Treasure Pests appear as red treasure chests, but reveal their eye and attack when Wario approaches. They randomly replace a red treasure chest in each one of the episodes in which they appear. The treasures from the chests they replace cannot be obtained in the first playthrough, forcing the players to replay the episode if they wish to earn the rewards. Episodes 3-6, and 8-10


List of treasures[edit]

Main article: List of treasures in Wario: Master of Disguise


The coffee-table book[1] in Wario's TV room can be tapped on to access records of collected treasures, defeated enemies and minigames.

Treasures tab[edit]

This tab contains a record of all treasures collected throughout the game. It is divided into four unspecified categories. When the player taps on a treasure, its value and description are displayed. Depending on their value, the treasures can be represented with a tin, bronze or silver medal. Wishstone pieces also appear as treasures and are represented with gold medals.

Collecting all the treasure turns the book's pages into pink instead of yellow, and a medal with a stretched W on it appears in the bottom left corner of each page.

Enemies tab[edit]

This tab features a collection of enemies that have been defeated at least once. The player can tap on an enemy to read a description on it and see how many times they have defeated it. The list spreads on twenty pages; each boss is dedicated their own page, except for Stuffy the 64th who is shown alongside Fluffy the Dolphin.

Minigames tab[edit]

In this tab, the player can play the minigames found in treasure chests. To unlock a minigame or a variation of it (for example, a different model in Traced Memories), the player has to have encountered it at least once in the main game. Each minigame or individual variation features five difficulty levels; the first level is available at the start for all minigames, while the rest are unlocked by beating the previous level's score requirement. The player can obtain a bronze, silver or gold medal on each difficulty level based on their score, with the bronze medal being awarded for meeting the requirement needed to beat the level. However, the scores for the two other medals are not specified.

Catalog tab[edit]

Here, the player can view their records for each episode, such as their fastest time and top scores. There is also a crown in the bottom right corner which can be tapped on show the player's current amount of money and title.


As Wario acquires more treasure in episodes, he gains a different title, or rank, every time the total amount of money exceeds a certain amount.

  • Over $50,000="Dabbler of Disguise"
  • Over $100,000="Student of Disguise"
  • Over $200,000="Champion of Disguise"
  • Over $400,000="Paragon of Disguise"
  • Over $700,000="Master of Disguise"
  • Over $850,000="Mighty Master of Disguise"

There will also be a Wario statue that appears in the TV room for every title acquired.



Wario: Master of Disguise received generally mixed reception. Critics were generally complimentary of the creativity of the disguise mechanics but criticized the unnecessary and imprecise implementation of the touch screen controls and the tedious and repetitive nature of the minigames.

Release Reviewer, Publication Score Verdict
Nintendo DS Frank Provo, GameSpot 6.1/10 "When you weigh all the pros and cons, Wario: Master of Disguise is a passable puzzler that might tickle your fancy if you've felt deeply passionate about spatial puzzlers, such as The Lost Vikings or Exit, in the past. However, keep in mind that the game recycles the same puzzle situations and minigames frequently, and the touch-screen controls don't do much to elevate the experience. For those reasons and the overall lack of polish, most people will probably be better off avoiding Wario: Master of Disguise."
Nintendo DS Mathew Kumar, Eurogamer 4/10 "But perhaps the most disappointing thing about Wario: Master of Disguise of all is the included mini-games. With Wario's name roughly synonymous with short bursts of pure joy thanks to the Wario Ware series, that every time you open a treasure chest (which is all the bloody time) you have to play some of the most offensively dull mini-games possible is almost too grand an insult. Offering a limited selection of games such as slide puzzles and colouring in (yes, really) there's no challenge, as you can try as often as you like, and they begin to repeat themselves before you've even finished the first level. It got to the point where I was avoiding treasure just to not have to play them. I don't doubt that Suzak tried to make yet another innovative instalment in the Wario franchise, with their stressful demands for constant touch screen use - but the sad fact is that there isn't a single spark of imagination or joy in this entire game. Despite some obvious effort, Wario: Master of Disguise is just utterly tedious in every respect and an absolute chore to play."
Nintendo DS Craig Harris, IGN 6/10 "Wario: Master of Disguise is not a bad game. I've played far worse, and for all its flaws this one can sit comfortably on the positive side of the scoring scale. It's just that Master of Disguise is not particularly a very good Nintendo release. Its design might attempt a DS-specific presentation, but the implementation of the touch screen elements is so amateurish with concepts that wouldn't have flown in the early part of the Nintendo DS system's life cycle. Nintendo-published games are supposed to be the cream of the handheld crop. This one's a bit of the lumpy sludge instead."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 60
GameRankings 62.41%


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 怪盗ワリオ・ザ・セブン
Kaitou Wario the Seven
Phantom Thief Wario the Seven

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