Trash It

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Trash It
Appears in Wario: Master of Disguise
“Use the stylus to drag falling items to their proper receptacles, raising and lowering the item generator as needed.”
In-game text

Trash It is a minigame found in Wario: Master of Disguise. Objects are produced by a horizontal generator that can be moved up and down using the direction pad or the the X Button and B Button buttons. Using the touchscreen, the player must guide each object to the place where it belongs under a time limit of 60 seconds. The objects can only be dragged horizontally and resume falling when released.

The objects and their locations are as follows:

  • garlic — mouth.
  • coin — money bag.
  • poop — toilet.
  • gem — chest.
  • baseball — baseball glove.

As the difficulty increases, more objects are produced at a faster rate. The player loses a chance (represented by a hat) each time an object is misplaced; when the player loses all chances, or if the time runs out before the required number of objects are sorted, the minigame is lost.

After the minigame is encountered once in the main game, it becomes playable anytime in the third tab of the extras menu. Here, the player can choose to play it on one of the five difficulty levels, each of them requiring the player to sort a specific amount of objects in order to pass to the next level.

Level Requirement to pass High scores
1 Sort 36 or more objects.

WMoD bronze icon.png 36 objects
WMoD silver icon.png 37 objects
WMoD gold icon.png 38 objects

2 Sort 42 or more objects.

WMoD bronze icon.png 42 objects
WMoD silver icon.png 43 objects
WMoD gold icon.png 44 objects

3 Sort 48 or more objects.

WMoD bronze icon.png 48 objects
WMoD silver icon.png 49 objects
WMoD gold icon.png 50 objects

4 Sort 58 or more objects.

WMoD bronze icon.png 58 objects
WMoD silver icon.png 59 objects
WMoD gold icon.png 60 objects

5 N/A

WMoD bronze icon.png 71 objects
WMoD silver icon.png 72 objects
WMoD gold icon.png 73 objects