Mad Hat Mk. III

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Mad Hat Mk. III

Mad Hat Mk. III is one of the robots that Count Cannoli uses to fight with Wario in Wario: Master of Disguise fought in Carpaccio's Lab. It was developed by his company and is the third model in the Mad Hat line, coming after Mad Hat Mk. II. It also highly resembles Count Cannoli's head.

Its main attack is punching. It may also occasionally throw its face at Wario. To expose its weakness, Wario would need to move far from the Mad Hat Mk. III. The robot will attempt a sliding punch. Wario can easily avoid damage by ducking. Wario then must turn into Genius Wario and punch the switch on its back. The hat will fly off and Wario would need to turn into Thief Wario and either jump on or tackle Cannoli hidden inside. Repeat the process two more times and it should be destroyed. Cannoli will then run off into the lab where he isn't seen until the face-off with Carpaccio.

After it is damaged once, it will target Wario and release one of its arms towards him. Its movement will also be faster.

In-game description[edit]

Using cutting-edge technology developed by his company, International Evil Concerns Inc., Cannoli made his robot twice as powerful as before.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アルデンテロボMK2
Arudente Robo MK2
Aldente Robot Mk. 2
French Mécachapo III Pun on Mécanique et Chapeau (Mechanic and Hat)
Spanish Malas pulgas III From the Spanish phrase "tener/haber malas pulgas" (to be fishy/mean-spirited/bad-tempered)