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This is a list of the 130 treasures that appear in Wario: Master of Disguise.

Pink category[edit]

# Treasure Image Description Cost Found in
1 Majestic Heart-Shaped Straw Majestic Heart-Shaped Straw WMoD.png A humorous straw with two sipping holes. He who can drink from it alone shall go down in history as a true king among men! $110 Episode 4
2 Grizzled Prospector Candy Grizzled Prospector Candy WMoD.png These lovingly handmade candies contain large pieces of real gold. Give them to your beloved and watch the teeth fly. $24,500 Episode 1
3 Pompadour of Legend Pompadour of Legend WMoD.png A collapsible pompadour that stretches almost nineteen feet in length. Though somewhat uncomfortable to wear, the secret inner pocket can hold loose change or small pets. $479 Episode 3
4 Failed Teenage Romance Diary Failed Teenage Romance Diary WMoD.png A diary crammed with sad memories of failed teenage romances. From disastrous prom dates to intercepted study hall notes, you can relive the awkwardness of! $8,364 Episode 7
5 Dress of Cleaning Might Dress of Cleaning Might WMoD.png This adorable maid outfit will add +2 to your cooking and cleaning skills, making all of your household chores a breeze. Note the adorable lacy frills! $5,200 Special Episode 5
6 Spectacles of the Fool Spectacles of the Fool WMoD.png Diamond-encrusted specs that are rumored to doom the wearer to a lifetime of suffering, misery, and woe. The diamonds are also kind of pokey and uncomfortable. $18,000 Special Episode 5
7 Queenly Ear Hair Queenly Ear Hair WMoD.png The ear hair that launched a thousand ships and turned brother against brother. It shines with a waxy brilliance when blown by the wind. $5,456 Episode 5
8 Malodorous Keepsake Malodorous Keepsake WMoD.png A solid-gold keepsake that reeks of spoiled cheese and wet carpeting. Scientists the world over are baffled as to why this is. $15,917 Episode 3
9 Discarded Doctor Scrubs Discarded Doctor Scrubs WMoD.png The garb of a true hero. Perhaps these scrubs were once used by a world-class heart surgeon! ...Or maybe it was just a cut-rate proctologist. $280 Episode 2
10 Spoiled Child's Pacifier Spoiled Child's Pacifier WMoD.png This pacifier was once used by a rich child on a luxury cruise that was commissioned to celebrate his first birthday. It was then dropped in the unchlorinated deck pool. $6,501 Episode 4
11 Sandals of Infamy Sandals of Infamy WMoD.png These sandals hold the soul of a famous artist. Wearing them will make you twice as popular as you were before, especially with snobby art-types. $79 Episode 5
12 Lovely Pink Nightie Lovely Pink Nightie WMoD.png A mythical glowing nightie with the power to make any disinterested lover swoon with mad, unrequited passion! Size XXXL only. $14,087 Episode 9
13 Friendly Clown Autograph Friendly Clown Autograph WMoD.png Clownie the clown is the least frightening of all clowns, which is why his autograph is highly prized among coulrophobics. ...Go look it up. $379 Episode 4
14 Infield Diamond Dirt Infield Diamond Dirt WMoD.png Infield dirt form a minor league baseball field. Drenched with the tears and sweat of disappointed players, it is rumored that eating this dirt will make your favorite team win the pennant. $7,419 Episode 3
15 Celebrity of the Hour Poster Celebrity of the Hour Poster WMoD.png This poster exudes sassiness and confidence! But it will also be the subject of gossip and fall out of style in less than six months. Such is fame. $210 Episode 5
16 Prince Redleg Pantaloon Prince Redleg Pantaloon WMoD.png A mysterious phantom, wearing brilliant white tights and billowy red pantaloons, who appears in the dreams of young maidens. Huzzah, romance! $21,930 Episode 10
17 Forever X-ray Glasses Forever X-ray Glasses WMoD.png This amazing treasure lets you look through absolutely everything...which means that you end up seeing NOTHING AT ALL! Think about it. $5,839 Episode 2
18 Hairy Macho Bathrobe Hairy Macho Bathrobe WMoD.png This robe looks smashing when paired with a fine dining-room set and chandelier. Sadly, the robe's machismo causes excess body hair. $2,349 Episode 2
19 Itchy Top Hat Itchy Top Hat WMoD.png Cannoli paid top dollar for his fancy top hat, but the tailor ran out of silk and had to use burlap instead. Oddly enough, no one seemed to notice. $349 Episode 9
20 "Rare" Collectable[sic] Figurine Rare Collectable Figurine WMoD.png This super-rare Cannoli figurine is one of only 65,535 in existence. It emits a somewhat oily scent when rubbed. Order yours today! Supply is limited! $145 Episode 7
21 Forever Tissue Box Forever Tissue Box WMoD.png This magical box never runs out of tissue! It makes a perfect gift for allergy sufferers or wussy little crybabies who sob during films when puppies get lost and have to wander home. $101 Episode 10
22 Scary Mr. Bunny Scary Mr Bunny WMoD.png This cute bunny has a fluffy body, but its red eyes glisten with an evil ferocity that is borne out of pure rage. Keep away from children. $79 Episode 8
23 Seven-Leaf Clover Seven-Leaf Clover WMoD.png This amazing seven-leaf clover blows those lame four-leaf clovers out of the water. Try to not explode with luckiness. $105 Episode 6
24 Mighty Trucker Panda Mighty Trucker Panda WMoD.png A mighty panda who also drives a tow truck on the weekends. He lives on a special diet of hugs and carb-free bamboo. $206 Episode 6
25 Heartfelt Hotcakes Heartfelt Hotcakes WMoD.png These delicious pancakes are made from 100% real love. Don't be fooled by evil fake pancakes, which are made from mayonnaise. $109 Episode 8
26 Lucky Love Toast Lucky Love Toast WMoD.png If you cram this toast in your mouth and bolt out the door, you will run into the boy or girl of your dreams! Why does it work? We have no idea. $333 Episode 8
27 Cutie-Pie Hypno Specs Cutie-Pie Hypno Specs WMoD.png A girl wearing these will appear to be the most beautiful creature ever to descend from the heavens. Dangerous spectacles, to be sure. $4,341 Episode 7
28 Young Socialite's Scarf Young Socialite's Scarf WMoD.png If you knot this luxurious scarf around your shoulders, old women will love you. Cute girls will still totally hate you, however. $89 Episode 6
29 Rich Man's Ice Cream Rich Man's Ice Cream WMoD.png This unbelievably tasty foie gras ice cream comes from caviar-fed cows that sleep on mattresses stuffed with the world's finest straw. But it still smells of dairy air. $171 Episode 7
30 I Love You Lunchbox I Love You Lunchbox WMoD.png Give this lunchbox to the object of your affection and watch the sparks fly! Contains one sandwich and chips, but cannot be traded for the other kid's pizza slice. $298 Episode 1
31 Seductive Lipstick Seductive Lipstick WMoD.png This fancy lipstick will enchant even the most jaded of romantics. Not for use in crowded subway cars or densely packed apartment complexes. $89 Episode 4
32 Crow Feather Shoes Crow Feather Shoes WMoD.png Black shoes festooned with crow feathers. They look quite fancy from afar, but resemble roadkill up close. Also, crows attack whenever you wear them. $17,100 Special Episode 3
33 Scones of Sadness Scones of Sadness WMoD.png These scones were baked with loving care for that special someone...who ended up being allergic to scones. How very tragic. $29,800 Special Episode 1

Blue category[edit]

# Treasure Image Description Cost Found in
1 Sapphire Topknot Sapphire Topknot WMoD.png No true samurai would leave his house without one of these placed firmly atop his pate. The gem sparkles on his bald head, blinding all foes. $5,099 Episode 1
2 False Beard of Might False Beard of Might WMoD.png A stick-on beard that lends class to even the plainest face. However, the glue is so powerful that it can never be removed, so make the first attempt count! $139 Episode 5
3 Golden Throne Golden Throne WMoD.png A magnificent toilet adorned with gold leaf and rare gems that emits a pleasing floral scent when used. Truly, this is a throne of kings! $876 Episode 4
4 Wishstone Fragment (1) Wishstone Fragment 1 WMoD.png A fragment of an ancient tablet that is said to grant any wish. It is covered in arcane characters and was recovered from the hull of an old ship. $0 Episode 2
5 Short Guy Boots Short Guy Boots WMoD.png These boots increase your height by almost two feet. You can keep an entire school of goldfish in the heels! ...Not that you would want to. $778 Episode 2
6 Nifty Wario Poster Nifty Wario Poster WMoD.png A poster of Wario. That's all. Just a poster. Oh, and it smells like garlic if you scratch it. How very charming. $8,355 Episode 7
7 Odd Lucky Thingie Odd Lucky Thingie WMoD.png A Feng Shui item that brings good luck. Stick it in the corner of your bedroom or home office and watch the good times roll! $234 Episode 4
8 Wishstone Fragment (3) Wishstone Fragment 3 WMoD.png A fragment of stone found in the Ancient Waterworks. It appears to be part of a legendary stone tablet, but the letters are blurred with age and cannot be read. $6 Episode 4
9 Spangly Celebrity Garb Spangly Celebrity Garb WMoD.png Some believe that simply donning this spangly outfit will transform you into a famous movie star! Others think such things require actual talent. $3,191 Episode 9
10 Matching Frilly Pink T-Shirts Matching Frilly Pink T-Shirts WMoD.png A matching set of pink T-shirts that say "Look out, world! I'm filled with joy! Delicious, pink-colored joy!" The advantage of saying such a thing is debatable. $935 Episode 3
11 Reindeer Headlamp Reindeer Headlamp WMoD.png A reindeer headlamp that beams light across vast distances. Reindeer use them to complain about poor working conditions and organize secret reindeer unions. $64 Episode 1
12 Wishstone Fragment (2) Wishstone Fragment 2 WMoD.png A piece of a mysterious tablet that was hidden deep inside a wall of snow. It speaks of desert kings and ancient pyramids. $0 Episode 4
13 Superfantastical Money Tree Superfantastical Money Tree WMoD.png Sure, it sounds fancy. But it's just a plant. A boring old potted plant. Slap anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. $20 Episode 2
14 Gilded Ice Cream Sandwich Gilded Ice Cream Sandwich WMoD.png This ice cream sandwich is filled with molten gold that melts all the ice cream, thus rendering it useless. But it sure looks fancy! $4,734 Episode 4
15 Wishstone Fragment (5) Wishstone Fragment 5 WMoD.png A piece of tablet found in the floating gardens. It says that the Wishstone is what sealed away the evil demon. $0 Episode 10
16 Scary Wrestler Mask Scary Wrestler Mask WMoD.png A mask for a rough-and-tumble antihero that hides inside your darkest heart. All who see this mask tremble at its mighty visage. $709 Episode 3
17 Has-Been Celebrity Photo Has-Been Celebrity Photo WMoD.png A magical photo of a washed-up celebrity that has the power to make even sleepy accountants scream like little girls. $368 Episode 5
18 Amazing Garlic Clove Amazing Garlic Clove WMoD.png This amazing garlic, hundreds of times more pungent than normal garlic, can knock out an elephant at twenty paces. Perfect for getting rid of unwanted guests! $1,203 Episode 9
19 Mustache Wax Mustache Wax WMoD.png Cannoli's very own mustache wax. Applied liberally, it can turn your soup strainer into a deadly pointed weapon. En garde! $373 Episode 4
20 Wishstone Fragment (4) Wishstone Fragment 4 WMoD.png A shard of tablet that was found in Carpaccio's laboratory. Apparently, when all the fragments are gathered, something big will happen... $0 Episode 9
21 Brilliant Bug Brilliant Bug WMoD.png A weirdly beautiful bug that glows in 16,777,216 colors. If you stare at it, it shows the color you wish most to see. If you stare too long, you go color-blind. $64 Episode 6
22 Bluebird of Luckiness Bluebird of Luckiness WMoD.png A blue bird that brings good luck and vast fortune to any who possess it. It can also escape from even the sturdiest of cages, as it knows how to pick locks and bribe guards. $997 Episode 10
23 North Pole Ice Cubes North Pole Ice Cubes WMoD.png Ice harvested from the North Pole itself! Don't be fooled by cheap imitation South Pole ice. This stuff contains elves! $20 Episode 6
24 Nostalgic Memory Picture Nostalgic Memory Picture WMoD.png A picture of that perfect day long ago... The mere sight of this is enough to make even the bravest of men weep with uncontainable joy. $156 Episode 10
25 Rare Gem Cereal Rare Gem Cereal WMoD.png A breakfast cereal made from actual emeralds! Try not to swallow it whole, or you may have an unpleasant surprise in the evening. $4,096 Episode 8
26 Manly Chin Extender Manly Chin Extender WMoD.png Even the nambiest of pambies can go from zero to hero when they strap on this puppy. Unfortunately, it tends to cause severe drooling. $6,0550 Special Episode 4
27 Sassy Wig Sassy Wig WMoD.png This fine wig is perfect for snowed-in monks and balding corporate executives alike. It can also be wrapped around a frostbitten Chihuahua. $128 Episode 8
28 Shooting Star Chunk Shooting Star Chunk WMoD.png A shard of shooting star that fell to earth. It is said to grant wishes, but asks for so great a price that none dare ask it for anything. $256 Episode 9
29 Electric Pork Chop Electric Pork Chop WMoD.png This electrifying meat product was born of a pig struck by lightning on a lonely prairie night. Oddly enough, it tastes just like chicken. $9,600 Special Episode 2
30 String Theory Soup String Theory Soup WMoD.png All the secrets of the universe are contained in this soup. Drink not, lest you learn more than man was ever meant to know. $30,000 Special Episode 2
31 Slimy Squid Ring Slimy Squid Ring WMoD.png A golden ring adorned with a multi-tentacled squid. This fine jewelry speaks of a wearer who possesses both high class and poor taste in equal measure. $25,600 Special Episode 3
32 Calf Hair Straightener Calf Hair Straightener WMoD.png No matter how unruly and rope-like the leg hair may be, this product will tame it to a silky sheen. Not for use on the head or near the eyes. $65,500 Special Episode 4
33 Lovely Burglar Mask Lovely Burglar Mask WMoD.png A ravishing butterfly-shaped mask inset with dozens of perfect little jewels. Those who wear it are said to feel like a pretty thief, and demand crumpets with their burgling. $30,000 Special Episode 5

Red category[edit]

# Treasure Image Description Cost Found in
1 Back Massage Coupon Back Massage Coupon WMoD.png A fine, fine gift from a loved one, but a terrible, terrible gift from anyone else. If a stranger gives you one, it's probably a scam. Best to run away. $736 Episode 5
2 Mouse Trap Gum Mouse Trap Gum WMoD.png This jewel of a gag was developed overseas. If you master where and how to employ it, you will be the life of any black-tie gala! $491 Episode 3
3 Sandals of Song Sandals of Song WMoD.png Ancient sandals that sing a hauntingly beautiful tune with every step you take. They tend to leave one's feet with terribly painful corns, however. $160 Episode 1
4 Ugly Pricey Furniture Ugly Pricey Furniture WMoD.png A set of living room furniture so expensive that your wallet screams in pain. It also doesn't match the carpeting. $49,800 Episode 9
5 Paranoid Bear Carving Paranoid Bear Carving WMoD.png It may look like a nice little bear carving, but it's actually a malevolent alien robot sent to spy on your every move. Don't turn around. $93 Episode 4
6 Ears of Sanguineness Ears of Sanguineness WMoD.png The wearer of this stunning headgear can hear nothing but good news. It's perfect for those who live the high-stress lifestyle of today's go-go world. $2,094 Episode 10
7 Stinky Blue Cheese Stinky Blue Cheese WMoD.png This mold-covered cheese is considered a delicacy among the rich, who pay plenty just to have it sprinkled on a salad. Little do they know it's really just been left in the sun too long. $2,509 Episode 2
8 Crazy Delicious Bamboo Crazy Delicious Bamboo WMoD.png This is the tastiest bamboo you've ever had. Even the panda, mightiest and most cold-hearted of all creatures, will weep with delight when he samples it. $30 Episode 9
9 Royal Golden Tools Royal Golden Tools WMoD.png These golden tools were developed for a king. But since gold is one of the world's softest metals, they're pretty much useless. Fun to look at, though. $20,076 Episode 2
10 Strong Sauce Strong Sauce WMoD.png Oh, the smell! Oh, the flavor! This stellar sauce makes even the most flavorless vegan food taste divine! There's an out-of-body experience in every bite! $79 Episode 1
11 Ab Annihilator Ab Annihilator WMoD.png This device will give you rock-hard abs in only seconds a day. Then you can hit them with a sledgehammer while friends and co-workers stare in awe. $140 Episode 5
12 Fancy Ramen Noodle Soup Fancy Ramen Noodle Soup WMoD.png This ramen contains a single gold ingot that was once owned by a queen of heartbreaking beauty. Oh, and it's got pork in it, too. Rumor says that it grants you eternal life. ...And trichinosis. $6,409 Episode 4
13 Really Boring Firework Really Boring Firework WMoD.png This looks like a dull firework, but many feel it to be a true piece of avant-garde art that expresses the depth of the human search for existence in ways heretofore unseen. ...But it's still dull. $270 Episode 4
14 Fusty Golden Candle Fusty Golden Candle WMoD.png This candle's gold wax may impress all your rich friends, but we highly recommend against lighting it. The thing smells like rendered hog fat. $10,073 Episode 5
15 Comatose Cushion Comatose Cushion WMoD.png A soft cushion once used by an ancient emperor whose people held him in the highest of esteem. It's so soft, those who sleep on it never wake up. Ever. $3,719 Episode 1
16 Panda Panzer Panda Panzer WMoD.png This mighty tank was built with a cute panda on top of it, making it impossible for enemies to attack. Except for squirrels, who are, of course, the natural enemy of the panda. $6,000 Episode 3
17 Handy Scrub Brush Handy Scrub Brush WMoD.png A fantastic scrub brush with an ergonomically designed handle. Perfect for cleaning sinks, toilets, and cooking surfaces. But not in that order. $809 Episode 9
18 Galactic Fishcake Galactic Fishcake WMoD.png A swirly fishcake filled with trippy cosmic space energy. All who taste it are doomed to grow fins and gills, then flop around the living room floor saying "glub glub" all day. $71,940 Special Episode 2
19 Game & Watch 9000 Game and Watch 9000 WMoD.png An amazing handheld game unit with FIFTY screens! When unfolded, it takes up as much space as a timeshare condo. $38,021 Episode 8
20 Cheap Tire Ring Cheap Tire Ring WMoD.png A ring with a little tire on top. Girls hate these things, so don't use them as engagement rings. Trust us on this one...we have the scars to prove it. $5,400 Special Episode 3
21 Fishin' Hole Fishin' Pole Fishin' Hole Fishin' Pole WMoD.png This magic fishing pole will catch a fish every time you dip it in the water! But only crappie. Which actually taste better than they sound. $188 Episode 10
22 Wooden Nostril Cleaners Wooden Nostril Cleaners WMoD.png Ancient wooden nose pickers. Guaranteed not to splinter while inside the nostrils, or your money back. Also usable as a nose-piercing device. $640 Episode 10
23 Booby-Trapped Magnet Car Booby-Trapped Magnet Car WMoD.png This car uses electromagnets to hover above the ground. Unfortunately, if it ever drops below 50 miles per hour, the car EXPLODES! $280 Episode 6
24 Amazing Massage Chair Amazing Massage Chair WMoD.png The most comfortable massage chair in the world. Created by a yoga master who gained the ability to travel through time, this chair has the power to liquefy your muscles in seconds. $100 Episode 7
25 Clever Sidekick Clever Sidekick WMoD.png A hilarious sidekick. Everybody needs one of these babies. He promises to guffaw loudly at every joke you make, no matter how lame it might be. $37 Episode 8
26 Telemarketer's Bane Telemarketer's Bane WMoD.png This phone autodials telemarketers to ask if their refrigerators are running, then laughs maniacally and hangs up. Hilarious! $60 Episode 5
27 Hilarity Machine Hilarity Machine WMoD.png The AutoPun 4000 straps to the mouth and forces the user to create bad pun after bad pun without mercy. Great for lazy comedians. $809 Episode 7
28 Fool's Candy Fool's Candy WMoD.png If you give this candy to a stranger, they will believe whatever you say. Keep away from used car salesmen and those weird dudes who strap signs to themselves and dance around. $7,901 Episode 8
29 Small Handheld Toilet Small Handheld Toilet WMoD.png A miracle of modern science, this portable toilet fits right in the palm of your hand! ...But we don't actually recommend keeping it there. $380 Episode 9
30 Classy Bubble Pipe Classy Bubble Pipe WMoD.png A fancy bubble pipe made of brown sugar, elven tears, and rainbows. How do they get so many rainbows in there? No one knows... $54 Episode 3
31 Train Window Painting Train Window Painting WMoD.png When hung on a wall, the landscape in this painting races by, giving the impression that you are on a train. It even makes that neat "clacka clacka" sound. $7,901 Episode 7
32 Fully Automated Pinwheel Fully Automated Pinwheel WMoD.png This pinwheel moves even without wind. Pinwheel purists say this is unnatural and evil, and must be stopped at all costs. ...Stupid purists. $380 Episode 7

Green category[edit]

# Treasure Image Description Cost Found in
1 Somewhat-Useless Morphing Belt Somewhat-Useless Morphing Belt WMoD.png A belt with the ability to transform into other shapes. But once altered, it can never go back to its true belt form. Use with caution. $308 Episode 5
2 Spooky Haunted Seaweed Spooky Haunted Seaweed WMoD.png Cursed seaweed that never stops growing. Unless you like green walls and a vaguely fishy scent, we suggest that you throw this away. $34,901 Episode 7
3 Bath-Time Shampoo Hat Bath-Time Shampoo Hat WMoD.png This fully automated shampoo helmet turns shower time into fun time! Not that shower time isn't already fun or anything. We're just saying. $7,359 Episode 4
4 Silky Nose Hair Tonic Silky Nose Hair Tonic WMoD.png Flawless nose hair is just so "in" right now. This new product gives your nose fuzz a silky sheen that the ladies can't get enough of. $18,500 Special Episode 4
5 Jurassic Snot Jurassic Snot WMoD.png This big hunk of dino nose goo was excavated from a giant nostril at the price of millions of dollars and three failed marriages. Don't ask about the details. $14,783 Episode 4
6 The Earwax Rifle The Earwax Rifle WMoD.png Show your earwax no mercy with this tiny sniper rifle. Boo-ya, marine! Get on the ready line and smoke that wax! C'mon, you wanna live with waxy ears forever?! $130 Episode 2
7 Heat-Seeking Soccer Ball Heat-Seeking Soccer Ball WMoD.png This soccer ball scores a goal every time you kick it. It's so powerful, it can shatter a goalie's ribs like a head butt from an angry striker. $438 Episode 3
8 Fanny Armor Fanny Armor WMoD.png This cast-iron read-end guard helps prevent all manner of unwanted goosings. Strap it on and walk the street with pride! $6,320 Episode 6
9 Formal Salmon Lure Formal Salmon Lure WMoD.png A fishing lure with a natty cummerbund. This spinning lure snags only the classiest of fish, like salmon and carp. $239 Episode 5
10 Turbo Chompers Turbo Chompers WMoD.png A small tooth-shaped device that accelerates the speed of chomping. For the love of all that is good and holy, don't leave it on overnight. $207 Episode 2
11 Superultramega Drill Superultramega Drill WMoD.png A tool for the man who wants to bore through anything. This drill is actually powerful enough to cut holes in time. $4,085 Episode 9
12 Scary Bug in Amber Scary Bug in Amber WMoD.png This amber-encased bug contains both wonderful dinosaur DNA and horrible prehistoric diseases. Crack it open at your own risk. $25,688 Episode 6
13 Excavated T. Rex Skull Excavated T Rex Skull WMoD.png A T. rex skull dug up from the Earth's fiery belly. It makes a fine centerpiece, if your dining room table is strong enough to support it. $29 Episode 1
14 Kneecap Guards Kneecap Guards WMoD.png This armor stops people from trying to kneecap you. It's the must-have gift of the year for hired goons and figure skaters alike. $5,974 Episode 8
15 Totally Legit UFO Photo Totally Legit UFO Photo WMoD.png A UFO photo, completely undoctored in every way. You can even see the string that holds the saucer in place. What will those crafty aliens think of next? $833 Episode 10
16 Vengeful Robot Controller Vengeful Robot Controller WMoD.png This remote allows you to summon a giant robot hidden deep within the bowels of the earth and unleash him on your unsuspecting enemies. But it's out of batteries. $1,052 Episode 6
17 Crop Circle Pendant Crop Circle Pendant WMoD.png A cool crop-circle-shaped pendant. Clip it on your cell phone to stand out in a crowd. Hooray for aliens! Hooray for needless agricultural destruction! $120 Episode 4
18 Haunted Television Haunted Television WMoD.png A haunted ectoplasma TV that features outstanding picture quality, unbelievable surround sound, and murderous poltergeists bent on revenge. $492 Episode 4
19 Jigsaw Puzzle Solver Jigsaw Puzzle Solver WMoD.png This device solves any jigsaw puzzle in mere moments. Now you can finally put all of your puzzle-savvy friends in their rightful place... Last place! $3,201 Episode 5
20 Homework-O-Matic Homework-O-Matic WMoD.png A hat that does your homework for you. Unfortunately, a design flaw causes it to occasionally slip the phrase "by the great beard of mighty Zeus!" into essay questions. $5,891 Episode 5
21 Midterm Clothespins Midterm Clothespins WMoD.png These clothespins are designed to clip your eyelids to your face. Perfect for late-night cramming sessions or plastic surgery on the cheap. $404 Episode 10
22 Starfish Ladybug Starfish Ladybug WMoD.png A cute little ladybug with a starfish pattern on its back. Highly prized among fancy-bug collectors and anyone who likes pretty stuff. $190 Episode 6
23 Big Scoop Camera Big Scoop Camera WMoD.png This camera takes shots of big news stories without any prompting from you. However, removing the lens cap is still your responsibility. $290 Episode 2
24 Freaky Cat Glasses Freaky Cat Glasses WMoD.png These chic cat glasses let you see in the dark, but they also make you look really creepy. It's up to you to decide if that's a bad thing or not. $3,212 Episode 10
25 Tiger Underwear of Doom Tiger Underwear of Doom WMoD.png A set of tiger underwear that imbues the wearer with near-godlike powers of classiness. Wear them without pants for the greatest effect. $2,980 Episode 8
26 Sweet & Spicy Pastries Sweet and Spicy Pastries WMoD.png Most of these delicious pastries are made from the finest cream in the land, but one is made from the fiery habanero pepper. Give that one to your enemies. $110 Episode 8
27 Titanium Chef Hands Titanium Chef Hands WMoD.png A device that turns even the klutziest cook into a magnificent gourmand. It also makes you wear aprons with dumb sayings printed on the front. $135 Episode 7
28 Super Mega Trump Card Super Mega Trump Card WMoD.png This card always beats all of the other cards on the table, no matter what game you're playing. Even solitaire. $456 Episode 8
29 Forbidden Cheat Sheet Forbidden Cheat Sheet WMoD.png This hidden cheat sheet is 100% undetectable, and so effective that it has been banned from the classroom by international treaty. $320 Episode 7
30 Weightless Backpack Weightless Backpack WMoD.png This groovy backpack stays light as a feather, no matter how much junk you cram into it. Science majors can't get enough of this puppy. $58 Episode 1
31 Uncomfortable False Eye Uncomfortable False Eye WMoD.png A fake eyeball that lets the user spot treasure from over 500 miles away. It must be crammed into a real eye socket to work. $32,000 Special Episode 1
32 Town Gossip Billboard Town Gossip Billboard WMoD.png This board makes up juicy rumors about your friends and neighbors and then spreads them all over town. What scandal! $5,800 Special Episode 1