Zappy Path

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Zappy Path
Appears in Wario: Master of Disguise
“Touch the blue dot and slide it to the goal before time runs out. If you touch a wall, you'll lose a hat. If you lose all your hats, your challenge will end.”
In-game text

Zappy Path is a minigame in Wario: Master of Disguise. Using the touchscreen, the player must guide a blue dot along a path (which can resemble the outline of a Wario's cap, a garlic or Wario's shoe) and reach the yellow dot in 30 seconds. If the blue dot touches the outside of the line, the player loses one chance (represented by a hat). When all chances are lost, or when the timer reaches 0, the minigame is over.

After encountering the minigame once in the main game, it becomes available to play in the third tab of the extras menu. Here, there are five difficulty levels for each of the three paths. Each level requires the player to reach the goal with a certain amount of time left in order to advance to the next level.

Level Requirement to pass High scores
1 Reach the goal with 3 seconds left in the timer.

WMoD bronze icon.png 3 seconds
WMoD silver icon.png 4 seconds
WMoD gold icon.png 5 seconds

2 Reach the goal with 6 seconds left in the timer.

WMoD bronze icon.png 6 seconds
WMoD silver icon.png 7 seconds
WMoD gold icon.png 8 seconds

3 Reach the goal with 10 seconds left in the timer.

WMoD bronze icon.png 10 seconds
WMoD silver icon.png 11 seconds
WMoD gold icon.png 12 seconds

4 Reach the goal with 15 seconds left in the timer.

WMoD bronze icon.png 15 seconds
WMoD silver icon.png 16 seconds
WMoD gold icon.png 17 seconds

5 N/A

WMoD bronze icon.png 20 seconds
WMoD silver icon.png 21 seconds
WMoD gold icon.png 22 seconds