Head Honcho Carpaccio

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Not to be confused with Head Honcho.
Carpaccio in his super-powered form

Head Honcho Carpaccio is a transformation of Carpaccio in Wario: Master of Disguise. Carpaccio used the wealth of Sigil Securities to develop technology that allowed him to transform himself.

Head Honcho Carpaccio is a big blue head (slightly similar to the Blow Globe) that resembles Carpaccio's head. Head Honcho Carpaccio eats Wario in Sneezemore Cave and Wario must battle the boss fight against him inside of him. The inside of him is round, with a box in the center that had four switches in it.

First, Carpaccio will form two spheres, one flashing and the other not. The spheres will grow giant and surround Wario, trying to crush him. Wario must quickly transform into Genius Wario to see the flashing snowball. Cosmic Wario should then be used to fire a laser at the flashing snowball. This will put out the electricity that is blocking the switch(es). Arty Wario should then draw a block on top of the switch. The block will fall on the switch, causing Carpaccio damage. Repeat the process two more times and Wario shall win.

After damaged once, four "eyes" will open up and start shooting ice particles, causing Wario damage if hit. Also, ice stalactites form, causing Wario damage if hit. They can easily be melted with Dragon Wario. Also note that after damaged once, Carpaccio has two switches and after being damaged a second time, he will have four switches. After defeated, Carpaccio will turn back to normal, flee, and Wario will be awarded with the second Wishstone chunk.

In-game description[edit]

Carpaccio used the financial might of his company to develop a morphing technology that turned him into an enormous blue head. Neat, no?

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カルパッチョメタモ
Karupaccho Metamo
Carpaccio Metamo
French Grobullo Carpaccio Grobullo is the french name of Blow Globe
German Carpaccio, der Kopf des Ganzen Carpaccio, the head of it all