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Terrormisu in her human form
Species Demon
First appearance Wario: Master of Disguise (2007)

Terrormisu, also known by her human name Tiaramisu, is the true main antagonist and final boss of Wario: Master of Disguise. She is an ancient demoness whose name is derived from "tiramisu", an Italian dessert.



Terrormisu in her original form, making a deal with Poobah the Pharaoh

Long ago, a powerful and rich pharaoh by the name of Poobah desired to have one wish granted, despite his immense wealth. To do so, he summoned a demon by the name of Terrormisu from another dimension, who agreed to grant his wish. However, she would do this only if he starved his people; he agreed, intent on his wish coming to fruition, but instead she had tricked him, stolen his riches, and left his kingdom to collapse into ruin. Then, a powerful wizard by the name of Cannoli the First appeared and used his powers to seal Terrormisu within the Wishstone, scattering the stone's pieces far across the globe to make sure that Terrormisu would never be able to return.

Wario: Master of Disguise[edit]

Terrormisu first appears in her human form in Episode 7, "Fouling Up the Whole Works!", as Wario journeys through Sweatmore Peak. He meets a mysterious girl there who warns him not to continue at risk of burning up, informing Wario of a crater-tapping machine causing the volcano to behave abnormally. However, when Wario insists, she tells him to seek out the Sweatmore Hotpants in order to enter the magma and get through the volcano.

Later, in Episode 8, "When Dolphins Ruled the Earth", Wario reaches Blowhole Castle after destroying the Barfatronic Lavachomper and making it out of Sweatmore Peak; Count Cannoli has fled inside and ordered Wario to bring Goodstyle along if he wants to know where the next Wishstone piece is. Wario finds himself blocked by a flaming wall formed by the castle's spirits, when the mysterious girl appears again and speaks to the spirits: they've gathered there because one of their friends is missing.

Though Wario finds the missing spirit and reunites it with the others, he only finds a locked door in the next room; Cannoli has aligned himself with the castle's ruler Stuffy the 64th, whose magic is holding the door shut. The mysterious girl aids Wario in the boss fight against Stuffy, opening the door to the next room each time Stuffy is forced to flee; while in the third room, she almost falls over and briefly fumes if Stuffy rolls by her. Once Stuffy is defeated, she finally introduces herself as Tiaramisu at the beginning of Episode 9, "More Shocking Than the Next Episode?", with Wario taking a liking to her. However, she soon disappears - her powers will not allow her to go any farther.

At the end of Episode 10, "The Final Face-Off!", Wario reassembles the Wishstone in Allergia Gardens before Carpaccio can stop him, and Tiaramisu emerges from the unified tablet; she reveals herself as a demon that was trapped within the Wishstone, whose true name is Terrormisu. She had been stringing Wario along since they met at Sweatmore Peak, which was a nexus of dark power that allowed her to manifest a human form. Now free, Terrormisu zaps Carpaccio twice with lightning for insulting her before explaining her past to Wario; in the process, she also reveals that the Cannoli and Carpaccio families had been constantly scattering the fragments of her seal for ages to prevent her return. She then plans to devour the souls of the world, starting with Wario and Carpaccio, but Count Cannoli intercepts her attack and rescues Carpaccio, leaving Wario and Goodstyle to face Terrormisu themselves.

Once Wario triumphs over Terrormisu, the demon returns to her human form, sobbing about how mean he is. Wario demands that she grant his wish, but she refuses and opens a portal within the Wishstone's pedestal to flee back to her dimension, ending her threat to the world.

Special Episodes[edit]

In Special Episode 5, Tiaramisu appears again, issuing a challenge for Wario and Count Cannoli to find the gown and glasses items, offering to give the one who does the most precious gem of her dimension.

However, when Wario is triumphant, she reveals that she considers herself to be the most precious jewel of her dimension; still smitten with the Purple Wind, she offers him a chance to join forces with him to conquer the world as King and Queen. Wario takes off running as the episode ends, with Terrormisu in pursuit.


Terrormisu (Tiaramisu's true form) in her masked demon form from Wario: Master of Disguise
Terrormisu with her mask

The final boss fight against Terrormisu consists of four different stages; the first three are preceded by Terrormisu summoning the Wishstone fragments and using them to manifest masks that she transforms with/into. The fourth "stage" is the shortest and signals the end of the boss fight;

First form[edit]

Wario fighting Terrormisu's first form (Sad Form) in the final boss battle of Wario: Master of Disguise.
Wario fighting Terrormisu's first form (sad form)

The sad blue mask is the first one that Terrormisu wears; Wario appears in an entirely blue room with the sad mask up at the top, a beast-like face in the middle, and four closed eyes around the corners. To attack, the eyes will open and start shooting slow, homing balls of energy at Wario. Eventually, the eyes will all reveal blue balls of energy at once; one of them will secretly be red, and Wario must turn into Genius Wario to locate the red one and punch it before it disappears. This will cause the mask to start crying and fill up the stage with water . Wario must repeat the process two more times to completely fill up the stage; then transform into Captain Wario and shoot the mask five times. This will destroy it and force Terrormisu to move to her next form.

Second form[edit]

Wario fighting Terrormisu's second form (Happy Form) in the final boss battle of Wario: Master of Disguise.
Wario fighting Terrormisu's second form (happy form)

Terrormisu then dons a happy gray mask, transporting Wario to a room with fifteen holes; faces will emerge from three of the holes to fire crescent-shpaed energy projectiles at Wario. He must transform into Cosmic Wario and shoot the faces, which will cause them to glow. If he gets all three to glow at the same time before they disappear, Terrormisu will take damage and the holes they occupied will explode, rendering them unusable. After this, spikes will pop out of the battlefield for a short time, forcing Wario to retreat to either corner of the arena. Damaging Terrormisu five times causes her to move on to her third form.

Third form[edit]

Wario fighting Terrormisu's third form (Angry Form) in the final boss battle.
Wario fighting Terrormisu's third form (angry form)

Terrormisu dons a red, angry devil mask to assume this form. The room for this fight has a giant, flaming demonic face in its midst, and the mask sits in the middle of its forehead, attacking by shooting out meteors from its head. Wario must turn into Dragon Wario and stand on either corner of the room, then jump towards the small mask and shoot flames at it. This will cause the mask to take damage, followed by several pillars of flame extending from various parts of the floor and ceiling; the attack can only be avoided by standing on the leftmost or rightmost edge of the room, and the mask is invincible during this attack. Damaging the mask five times causes Terrormisu to take on a final form.

Unmasked form[edit]

Terrormisu from Wario: Master of Disguise.
Terrormisu without her mask

Wario is then returned to the temple in Allergia Gardens, with Terrormisu's "face" being revealed as another mask: it suddenly begins cracking and falls away, revealing her 'real' face underneath. In this "stage", Terrormisu only stumbles helplessly in place, and any attack from Wario is enough to defeat her and end the fight; if Wario does not attack her for several seconds, she will repair the mask and force the fight to repeat from the very first phase.


Sprite of human form Terrormisu

In her human form, Tiaramisu appears as a blonde woman in a red gown, with a burglar mask (which she refers to as "glasses") worn over brown eyes; as the demon sealed within the Wishstone, she first appears as an eye in the middle of the fully-formed tablet before manifesting in her human form, now wearing a pink gown. During the flashback accompanying the explanation of her past, she appears as a demonic dark-colored imp with a horned white mask, bat-like wings, and visible hair (though its color is unclear).

When Terrormisu prepares to fight Wario, she briefly removes her mask before taking on another form similar to her human one, but increased roughly three times in size; in this form she bears some vague resemblance to Princess Peach, with a pink dress and leggings, white gloves, blue earrings, brighter eyes and an ornate crown. During the boss fight, she uses various masks to transform further and attack Wario, with the masks appearing in each stage that Wario is transported to. Once those forms are defeated, her "face" is also revealed to be another mask: the face underneath is more plain and round, with lipstick, less vibrant eyes and pink blush.


Terrormisu is bold, arrogant and manipulative. As Tiaramisu, she tends to fawn over Wario, often referring to him as "m'lord" and displaying frequent hints of a crush; in the lead-up to the final boss, however, she calls Wario "foolish" and "fumbling" just before revealing her past and her true intentions. Despite this, Special Episode 5 indicates that her crush on Wario is genuine, if one-sided. She is also quite vain and does not take kindly to insults, zapping Carpaccio for calling her a "she-fiend".

Theme music[edit]

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Audio.svg Wario: Master of Disguise - Terrormisu's battle theme music.
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In-game description[edit]

This is the evil demon of legend that was sealed inside the Wishstone. Hubba hubba.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マルゲリータ
Margherita; a common Italian name, as well as a type of pizza and the Italian name for the daisy flower

French Tiramisu
Portmanteau of "Cruella" (possibly Cruella De Vil) and "Tiramisu"
Italian Tiramisù
Spanish Tiaramisú