Sphinx Simulator

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Sphinx Simulator gives Wario a question to answer.

Sphinx Simulators are machines that appear in Wario: Master of Disguise. There are two of them in the game, both found in the Smithsnorian Museum. Wario encounters them during Episode 3 while searching for the Pharaoh's three treasures for the Sphinx. When he finds one, he must use Sparky Wario's power in front of its plug to activate it. The Sphinx Simulator then gives Wario a riddle. The player must then answer the riddle by drawing each letter of the answer using the stylus. Answering the riddle correctly will open a passage, while getting the answer wrong will make him fall down a floor.


There are a total of twenty riddles that the Sphinx Simulators can give, which are chosen at random. The answers to the riddles are all exhibits found in the museum. The riddles given by the Sphinx at the end of the episode are also taken from this list.

Riddle Answer
What animal wears a fur coat but is always naked? Bear
What bird is a master thief? Robin
What peeps inside one day, then outside the next day? Chick
What animal pals around with cats on rainy days? Dog
Half-empty or half-full, they look the same. What are they? Glasses
What creature spends all its time on the World Wide Web? Spider
If you take my scaly tail, I grow another without fail. Who am I? Lizard
What counts the days until they're over? Calendar
What food puts doctors out of business? Apple
Swat me and shoo me, you'll never subdue me! What am I? Fly
What creature goes on four in the morn, two at noon, and three at night? Man
What has a job so dirty it wears itself out completely? Soap
What has teeth and runs through your hair? Comb
I'm the sunniest creature in the sea but I sting like the devil. What am I? Ray
Which relative lives in a hill? Ant
What bird hangs out at construction sites? Crane
What bird is always dressed for a fancy party? Penguin
Which creature gets stuck in your throat? Frog
What fruit only comes in twos? Pear
What ties things up at the end of a rainstorm? Rainbow