Roach Smash

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Roach Smash
Appears in Wario: Master of Disguise
“Squash the required number of roaches before time runs out!”
In-game text

Roach Smash is a minigame in Wario: Master of Disguise. The player must smash the cockroaches that walk by on the touchscreen. Depending on the minigame's difficulty, there is a certain number of cockroaches that must be smashed under a time limit of 45 seconds in order to win. If the player fails to crush the required number of cockroaches before the timer reaches zero, they lose the minigame.

After the minigame is encountered once in the main game, it becomes available to play anytime in the third tab of the extras menu. Here, the player can select between five difficulty levels, each requiring a certain amount of cockroaches to be squished in order to pass to the next level.

Level Requirement to pass High scores
1 Smash 100 cockroaches.

WMoD bronze icon.png 100
WMoD silver icon.png 105
WMoD gold icon.png 110

2 Smash 145 cockroaches.

WMoD bronze icon.png 145
WMoD silver icon.png 150
WMoD gold icon.png 155

3 Smash 95 cockroaches.

WMoD bronze icon.png 95
WMoD silver icon.png 100
WMoD gold icon.png 105

4 Smash 110 cockroaches.

WMoD bronze icon.png 110
WMoD silver icon.png 115
WMoD gold icon.png 120

5 N/A

WMoD bronze icon.png 80
WMoD silver icon.png 85
WMoD gold icon.png 90