Sneezemore Cave

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Sneezemore Cave
Sneezemore Cave1.PNG
Dragon Wario destroying red blocks in the cave.
Inhabitants Mr. Cheeky, Snow Globe, Blow Globe, Sir Lance-A-Lot, Slithervine, Treasure Pest
First appearance Wario: Master of Disguise (2007)

Sneezemore Cave is an icy cave that Wario and Goodstyle traveled to during the events of Wario: Master of Disguise. After the Sphinx from the Smithsnorian Museum sent them here, Wario came here hoping he would find a Wishstone piece. The inhabitants of the cave are primarily Mr. Cheekys, Snow Globes, and Blow Globes, of which the latter two are used to make Sipping Stalks grow.


Episode 4: A Third Thief Brings Grief![edit]

When Wario arrives at the cave, he drops down a large pit. He begins his search for the "guy in a suit" the Sphinx mentioned in the previous episode, assuming that the person in question is Count Cannoli. However, once Wario is gone, a nearby snowman reveals itself to be Cannoli in disguise, who is also searching for the "guy in a suit" and by extension, the Wishstone piece.

Shortly after exploring the cave for a bit, Wario meets Carpaccio. He mistakes Wario for Cannoli, who is quick to correct him. Carpaccio apologizes for all the traps he set in the museum, which were intended for Cannoli. Wario then realizes that Carpaccio is the person Wario is looking for, not Cannoli. However, Carpaccio blocks the path to him with four stone doors, telling Wario to look him up when he's "tired of being a loser." Goodstyle notes the bird statues next to the doors, but this only angers and frustrates Wario. Cannoli appears and offers to tell him how to open the doors in exchange for Goodstyle, but Wario refuses.

Wario searches the cave for a method of opening the doors and finds four bird-shaped crystals. On the way, he acquires the Dragon Wario disguise, as well as an upgrade for Arty Wario. Wario uses the crystals to open the doors, and Cannoli shows up again, amazed that Wario was able to figure out how to open them. Wario then recloses the doors, leaving Cannoli behind.

Wario confronts Carpaccio, who has the next Wishstone tablet, in the next room. Carpaccio notices Goodstyle and once again mistakes him for Cannoli. He introduces himself as the head of Sigil Securities, but Wario doesn't care and simply wants the Wishstone piece. Carpaccio transforms into Head Honcho Carpaccio and swallows Wario whole, however, Wario is able to defeat him from the inside. Carpaccio realizes that Wario is not Cannoli and leaves, allowing Wario to get his second Wishstone piece.

The text on the Wishstone piece was: ...the wishes were...bargained for...the Pharaoh's dreams...made real...his dynasty preserved forever...the Pharaoh his palace...palace turned into a pyramid...pyramid buried under the sand...and one piece of the stone..buried alongside him...

Goodstyle uses this to deduce that the next Wishstone piece is likely buried alongside the Pharaoh in his pyramid.

Special Episode Part 2[edit]

Later, Cannoli returns to the cave to search for ramen soup ingredients. However, Wario shows up and says he's going to find the ingredients himself, much to Cannoli's chagrin. Cannoli and Wario then race to find the ingredients. When Wario finds them first, he tells Goodstyle to turn him into Chef Wario, only for Goodstyle to inform him that he has no such transformation. Cannoli appears and informs them that he is considered a culinary master; he offers to cook the ramen and split it into equal portions. Wario reluctantly agrees.


Treasure chest locations[edit]

Note: A Treasure Pest will appear in place of one of the red chests, making it unobtainable on the first run.

Episode 4[edit]

Treasure Worth Location
WMoDRedChest.png Majestic Heart-Shaped Straw $110 Beyond a hidden passage right next to where Cannoli was disguised as a snowman, accessed using Arty Wario.
WMoDPurpleChest.png Sneezemore Cave Map In the large room to the right of where Carpaccio is first met.
WMoDGreenChest.png Dragon Guise Gem In the huge room with four doors.
WMoDRedChest.png Golden Throne $876 Replaces the Dragon Guise Gem during subsequent runs of the episode.
WMoDPurpleChest.png Red Crystal At the top-left corner of the room beyond the door next to where the Dragon Guise Gem is obtained.
WMoDRedChest.png Jurassic Snot $14,783 At the bottom left corner of the Red Crystal's room. Unobtainable on the first run due to requiring Captain Wario's upgrade to break the blocks.
WMoDRedChest.png Paranoid Bear Carving $93 In the bottom-left corner of the room beyond the uppermost door in the room where the Dragon Guise Gem is obtained.
WMoDRedChest.png Bath-Time Shampoo Hat $7,359 In the area beyond the two blue blocks in the room where the Paranoid Bear Carving is obtained. Unobtainable on the first run due to requiring Dragon Wario's upgrade to break the blocks.
WMoDPurpleChest.png Yellow Crystal In the room above the one where the Paranoid Bear Carving is. Obtained by shooting down the ice cluster and riding the slippery floor to the right side.
WMoDRedChest.png Spoiled Child's Pacifier $6,501 Obtained by dropping down the large hole from the Yellow Crystal's room.
WMoDRedChest.png Haunted Television $492 In the room directly above where Carpaccio is first met, accessed from a high ledge in the room to the right.
WMoDRedChest.png Mustache Wax $373 In the dark area above the tall room with the lone Slithervine.
WMoDRedChest.png Fancy Ramen Noodle Soup $6,409 In an isolated cove in the tall room with the lone Slithervine, accessed from the room to the right.
WMoDPurpleChest.png Blue Crystal Next to the door in the room to the right of where the Fancy Ramen Noodle Soup is, accessed by hopping across the "ice chandeliers".
WMoDRedChest.png Seductive Lipstick $89 In the room beyond the door in the Blue Crystal's room, the chest is on a ledge.
WMoDRedChest.png Odd Lucky Thingie $234 At the bottom left corner of the room with a Mr. Cheeky that runs over an ice bridge. Unobtainable on the first run due to requiring Captain Wario's upgrade to break the blocks.
WMoDGreenChest.png Vita Mighty Accessed via a hidden passage near a Sipping Stalk in the room with the Odd Lucky Thingie.
WMoDRedChest.png Gilded Ice Cream Sandwich $4,734 Replaces the Vita Mighty during subsequent runs of the episode.
WMoDRedChest.png Friendly Clown Autograph $379 At the bottom-left corner of the large room of the far left end of the cave, hidden behind red blocks.
WMoDPurpleChest.png Green Crystal In the room to the right of the Friendly Clown Autograph's room, accessed by using Dragon Wario to break a red block and drain the water so Captain Wario can reach it.
WMoDRedChest.png Really Boring Firework $270 In the area below the room with the ice ball.
WMoDGreenChest.png Arty Mastery Gem Obtained by removing the ice chunk blocking the ice ball, looping around and pushing the ball from the left to create a hole in the ground, then dropping down.
WMoDRedChest.png Crop Circle Pendant $120 Replaces the Arty Mastery Gem during subsequent runs of the episode.

Special Episode Part 2[edit]

Treasure Worth Location
WMoDRedChest.png Galactic Fishcake $71,940 Same location as the Yellow Crystal.
WMoDRedChest.png String Theory Soup $30,000 Same location as the Arty Mastery Gem/Crop Circle Pendant, though it's faster to reach it through strategic use of Arty Wario's blocks than the ice ball method.
WMoDRedChest.png Electric Pork Chop $9,600 Same location as the Fancy Ramen Noodle Soup.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふぶきのカベ
Fubuki no Kabe
Blizzard Wall
Spanish Cueva Muchomoco Cueva means "cave" and muchomoco means "much mucus"
French Grotte Gouttonez Grotte is the french for Cave and Gouttonez Pun on Goutte au nez (Runny Nose)