Poobah the Pharaoh's Pyramid

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Poobah the Pharaoh's Pyramid
Poobah the Pharaoh's Pyramid.PNG
Genius Wario discovers a hidden door in the pyramid.
Ruler Poobah the Pharaoh
Inhabitants Bombat, Sarcopha Guy, K-9 Cannon, Scare-Oh!, Sphinx Jr., Blamses, Treasure Pest, royal gatekeeper
First appearance Wario: Master of Disguise (2007)

Poobah the Pharaoh's Pyramid is the setting of the fifth episode of Wario: Master of Disguise; the spirit of Poobah the Pharaoh lives here. Wario and Goodstyle came here searching for a piece of the Wishstone after the writing on a different piece found in Sneezemore Cave seemed to imply that it was here.

This pyramid has many secrets. Prominent features include invisible doors that can only be seen and used by Genius Wario and unlit torches that Dragon Wario can light to trigger the appearance of hidden doors, platforms, and passages that even Genius Wario cannot see. There are also many dark rooms in the pyramid, requiring Sparky Wario to see in them.



5,000 years ago, the Pharaoh called upon a demon for a wish. However, the wish came at a cost: he had to starve his people. Poobah agreed, but the demon did not uphold her end of the bargain and instead stole everything from him, crumbled his kingdom to dust, transformed his palace into a pyramid, and buried the Pharaoh along with his pyramid under the desert sand. Poobah's spirit continued to live on inside his pyramid.

Episode 5: Picking the Pharaoh's Brains![edit]

Wario comes to the pyramid searching for the third piece of the Wishstone. However, his progress is halted as soon as he enters the first room of the pyramid due to there being no way to continue. Goodstyle notices that there are three torches in the room, one of which isn't lit. Wario figures out that he needs to light the third torch to make a ladder appear, introducing one of the pyramid's main mechanics.

Wario gets an upgrade for his Genius Wario transformation, which gives him an extending boxing glove, allowing him to break certain walls. He eventually comes to a door which requires a Royal Flail to open; Wario finds the flail and unlocks the door.

Wario eventually reaches the bottom of the pyramid and almost gets to the Pharaoh's room, but the royal gatekeeper will only let him pass if he can find two royal medallions. He finds them, and the gatekeeper lets him through, but before Wario enters the Pharaoh's room, Count Cannoli shows up. He tries to take Goodstyle back, but Wario just jumps on Cannoli, injuring him. Wario leaves Cannoli behind and goes to see the Pharaoh.

Upon meeting the Pharaoh, Wario and Goodstyle ask him about the Wishstone, but the Pharaoh wishes to test Wario's worth first and challenges him to a battle. Wario wins, but the Pharaoh reveals that the Wishstone piece is not inside the pyramid at all. He tells Wario that if anyone find the Wishstone piece, it's him, then teleports him away.

Meanwhile, Cannoli starts to lose hope because of his continuous failures and considers giving up entirely, but a mysterious voice speaks to him and tells him that he can help him get revenge on Wario if he does exactly as he says. Cannoli agrees and forms an alliance with the unseen person.


Treasure chest locations[edit]

Note: A Treasure Pest will appear in place of one of the red chests, making it unobtainable on the first run.

Treasure Worth Location
WMoDPurpleChest.png Pyramid Map In the room accessed from the first invisible door.
WMoDGreenChest.png Genius Mastery Gem In the backwards L-shaped room at the top-left corner of the pyramid near an invisible door.
WMoDRedChest.png Jigsaw Puzzle Solver $3,201 Replaces the Genius Mastery Gem during subsequent runs of the episode.
WMoDGreenChest.png Vita Mighty In a dark room on the far left of the middle section of the pyramid.
WMoDRedChest.png Fusty Golden Candle $10,073 Replaces the Vita Mighty during subsequent runs of the episode.
WMoDRedChest.png Telemarketer's Bane $60 Obtained by lighting a torch in the upper-left corner of the large central room, revealing a ladder.
WMoDRedChest.png Somewhat-Useless Morphing Belt $308 In a room accessed via a hidden passage in the bottom-right of the large central room.
WMoDRedChest.png Has-Been Celebrity Photo $368 In a room hidden behind an invisible door, accessed via the tall room with torch-triggered horizontally moving platforms.
WMoDRedChest.png Celebrity of the Hour Poster $210
WMoDRedChest.png Sandals of Infamy $79 In the dark upper-right area that extends outside the pyramid itself.
WMoDPurpleChest.png Royal Flail Obtained in the room to the left of where the Sandals of Infamy are by defeating the two Scare-Ohs.
WMoDRedChest.png False Beard of Might $139 On the upper-right corner of the room to the left of where the Royal Flail is used.
WMoDRedChest.png Ab Annihilator $140 Obtained by lighting a torch on the left side of the room below the one where the False Beard of Might is, revealing a hidden door.
WMoDRedChest.png Formal Salmon Lure $239 Obtained by entering an invisible door on the bottom right of the room below the one where the False Beard of Might is.
WMoDRedChest.png Homework-O-Matic $5,891 On a high ledge in the room in the bottom-left corner of the pyramid.
WMoDPurpleChest.png Royal Gold Medallion In an isolated area accessed from a ledge on the upper-right corner of the room where the Homework-O-Matic is.
WMoDRedChest.png Back Massage Coupon $736 In the small room on the far right of the pyramid above the boss room.
WMoDPurpleChest.png Royal Silver Medallion In the dark room above where the Back Massage Coupon is obtained.
WMoDRedChest.png Queenly Ear Hair $5,456 In the room with the torch-activated moving platforms accessed by continuing from where the Royal Silver Medallion is, hidden behind a red block.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ちかピラミッド
Chika Piramiddo
Underground Pyramid
Spanish Pirámide de Puba Poobah's Pyramid
French Pyramide de Derey le pharaon Pyramide is the French word for "pyramid" and Derey le Pharaon is the French name of Poobah the Pharaoh