Poobah the Pharaoh

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Poobah the Pharaoh
Poobah the Pharaoh
First appearance Wario: Master of Disguise (2007)
“I am, now and forever (hee-hee!) the Pharaoh!! I am the eternal ruler (hoo-hoo!) of this desert empire! For centuries, nay, THOUSANDS of years have I ruled this...empire.”
Poobah the Pharaoh, Wario: Master of Disguise

Poobah the Pharaoh (often referred to as simply "Pharaoh") was the ruler of an ancient desert kingdom in Wario: Master of Disguise.


Poobah the Pharaoh with the demon

Long ago, Poobah was a greedy king who despite his wealth, desired to make one wish. Willing to pay any cost, he called a demon into his world. She was known as Terrormisu. The conditions for granting his wish were simple: he would have to starve his people to appease her. He agreed and set to the task of doing so, but soon he discovered that demons are not to be trusted. She stole everything he had and reduced his kingdom to rubble. His palace was transformed into a pyramid and sunk beneath the sand. Afterwards, the first Cannoli later sealed Terrormisu into the Wishstone and scattered the fragments. One piece was said to be placed in the pyramid with Poobah himself and eventually the legend was distorted to the point that the story told that Poobah had used the Wishstone to make his wish.

For centuries he waited, with his chambers being guarded by his royal gatekeeper. His years in solitude seemed to have driven him into madness, as he was prone to fits of giggling when speaking to others.

After Sneezemore Cave, Wario arrives in Poobah's pyramid, which had been buried over 5,000 years ago. After going through the pyramid, Wario finds the undead Pharaoh and fights him. After being defeated he confesses to Wario that he does not have the piece of the Wishstone. Despite that, Poobah is confident in Wario's ability to collect the Wishstones and defeat Terrormisu, and creates a portal to send Wario to the Ancient Waterworks to continue his search.

Boss intro[edit]

Once Wario collects two royal medallions for the royal gatekeeper, Wario enters Poobah's room, ends up summoning the Pharaoh. After a long set of dialogue, the Pharaoh asks if Wario and Goodstyle if they are worthy for the Wishtstone. He then reveals his full body and the battle begins.

Boss battle[edit]

The boss battle against Poobah

Poobah first starts off the fight by making everything but his head disappear. His head will remain floating over Wario for a few seconds. After that, he will sneeze out a rock from one of his nostrils. If Wario touches the rock on contact, except for the top, he will take damage. Otherwise, he will destroy the rock by jumping on it. After Poobah sneezes out his rock, the top of his head will reveal an electric crystal ball similar to those that Cosmic Wario must shoot. Wario must shoot at the crystal ball to move on to the next part. After doing so, Poobah will remain still and two Sphinx Jr.'s and three K9 Cannons will circle around the Pharaoh.

Wario must transform into Genius Wario and punch one of the Sphinx Jr.'s and K9 Cannons on the lowest level ground of the room at him. This will reveal his weak point, which is his underwear. Wario then has to change into Dragon Wario and aim at his underwear to damage him. After this, he will walk towards Wario for a brief period of time, then use his nose hairs three times, increasing distance and the time that his nose hairs will be out for, then retract. Wario must repeat this process one more time to move on to the final phase of the boss battle.

In the final phase, not only will his body and underwear disappear, but his head will disappear as well. Wario has to turn into Genius Wario again, though this time, a hidden screen will appear on the top of his head, which must be punched as Genius Wario. The boss battle will then play out similar to the first phase of the fight, which must be repeated once to defeat him.

In-game description[edit]

A physical embodiment of the long-dead desert king. Cold, uncaring historical types yearn to plunder his tomb and take his things for their "research".

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファラオマン

French Derey le Pharaon
Italian Blasone il Faraone
Braggart the Pharaoh
Spanish Puba
Poobah (possibly from Grand Poobah)


  • The theme that plays while talking to the royal gatekeeper and the Pharaoh once woken up is the same one that plays in the Smithsnorian Museum while talking to the Sphinx.
  • He and King Bask suffered a similar fate. Both were kings of Egypt-themed kingdoms (Kingdom of Bask) until they harnessed the power of demons (Lucien), which led to the downfall of both kingdoms and both demons were eventually sealed away in stones (Power Stone).