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Species Flower
First appearance Wario: Master of Disguise (2007)

Ka-Bloom! is the sixth boss Wario faces in the game Wario: Master of Disguise. To get to Ka-Bloom!, Wario needs to drain the waterfall. Wario faces the monster in the Ancient Waterworks after he devoured the third Wishstone fragment. Ka-Bloom! is a giant flower with red petals and a yellow center. He also has a cat-like expression on its face.


In his first phase, his petals will turn blue and four spheres will appear around him. Wario needs to become Cosmic Wario in order to damage him. The player would need to hit a sphere, making the laser bounce off it. Wario would need to let the lasers he shoots ricochet off the spheres and hit Ka-Bloom! Every time he is hit, he will release some Seed Weeds and some thorns that go in all directions. After he has been hit four times, he will turn back to normal. Wario will need to turn into Dragon Wario and use his fiery breath to hurt the monster. After a certain number of hits, Ka-Bloom! will fly to the top of the arena. Using the seesaw and Arty Wario, Wario will need to fly to the top of the stadium. Wario then will have to transform into Dragon Wario again and burn the flower, dealing it one heart of damage.


After he has been hurt once, Ka-Bloom! will close up and move around the arena. When he opens and reveals his face, Dragon Wario must use his fire breath to damage Ka-Bloom! After enough damage has been dealt, Ka-Bloom! will fly to the top of the stage and start dropping bombs and more Seed Weeds. Wario will need to get to the top of the stadium and use Dragon Wario again to deal Ka-Bloom! yet another heart of damage. Repeat the process one more time and Ka-Bloom! will chaotically spin around the stadium and be defeated, rewarding Wario with the third Wishstone fragment.

In-game description[edit]

The flower measures over ten feet in diameter and reeks of garlic and animal waste. It symbolizes death. And bad cooking.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラブレシア
Pun on the English words "love" and "rafflesia"
French Tulipe-Eau-Sucion Pun on "tulipe" (tulip), "eau" (water) and "succion" (suction)
German Ka-Blum Pun on English name and "blume" (flower)
Italian Fiordilezzo From "fiore" (flower) and "olezzo" (smell)
Spanish Florinda Pun on "flor" (flower) and the Spanish feminine name "Florinda"