Mastery Gem

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Mastery Gem
ArtyMasteryGem.png GeniusMasteryGem.png CosmicMasteryGem.png CaptainMasteryGem.png SparkyMasteryGem.png DragonMasteryGem.png WickedMasteryGem.png
All seven Mastery Gems

First appearance

Wario: Master of Disguise (2007)

Effect on player

Upgrades ones of Wario's disguises.

A Mastery Gem is an item found in Wario: Master of Disguise. They are similar to Guise Gems and are obtained in the same way, by opening a green treasure chest and winning a game of Color Me Happy. However, instead of giving Wario a new disguise, they upgrade one of the disguises Wario already has, giving it new powers.

The Sparky Mastery Gem is the only one that is not necessary to finish the game.

List of Mastery Gems[edit]

There are a total of seven Mastery Gems, one for each disguise barring Thief Wario, which is never upgraded.

Image Name Upgrade Location
ArtyMasteryGem.png Arty Mastery Gem Arty Wario can draw up to three blocks at a time, as well as draw hearts. Episode 4
GeniusMasteryGem.png Genius Mastery Gem Genius Wario gets an extendable boxing glove, which can destroy certain walls, press certain switches, and damage enemies. Episode 5
CosmicMasteryGem.png Cosmic Mastery Gem Cosmic Wario's lasers will ricochet off of walls. Episode 6
CaptainMasteryGem.png Captain Mastery Gem Captain Wario can turn into a submarine and fire torpedoes. Episode 7
SparkyMasteryGem.png Sparky Mastery Gem Sparky Wario can launch jolts of electricity in random directions. Episode 8
DragonMasteryGem.png Dragon Mastery Gem Dragon Wario's fire breath becomes blue, allowing him to destroy blue blocks. Episode 9
WickedMasteryGem.png Wicked Mastery Gem Wicked Wario can fly horizontally. Episode 9