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"Cannoli" redirects here. For the character from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, see Obi-Wan Cannoli.
Count Cannoli
Count Cannoli
Artwork from Wario: Master of Disguise
Species Human
First appearance Wario: Master of Disguise (2007)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (spirit cameo) (2018)

Count Cannoli is one of the two secondary antagonists of Wario: Master of Disguise. He is a gentleman thief who stars in The Silver Zephyr, a TV show that Wario watches. He uses his wand, Goodstyle, to transform into the show's title character, the Silver Zephyr. This inspires Wario to jump into the show himself and steal Goodstyle. As a result of this, as well as their mutual desire to obtain the pieces of the Wishstone, Wario and Cannoli develop a bitter rivalry. Count Cannoli's name comes from the cannoli, an Italian dessert. Similar to Mario, he has an Italian accent and shouts "Mamamia" when defeated in his second and third boss fights.


Wario: Master of Disguise[edit]

Wario stealing Goodstyle in the first episode of Wario: Master of Disguise.
Wario meets Count Cannoli for the first time.

Count Cannoli is first seen while Wario is watching The Silver Zephyr on his television. Preparing to rob the S.S. Caviar, he uses Goodstyle turn into the eponymous thief, prompting Wario to invent the Telmet and steal Goodstyle. Infuriated, Cannoli pursues Wario throughout the ship and booby traps it, but he is unable to get Goodstyle back. He confronts Wario at the top of the ship and attacks him with his battle machine, Mad Hat Mk. I. However, Wario destroys it, and Cannoli instead decides to strike a deal with Wario. In exchange for returning Goodstyle, Cannoli was going to assist Wario in finding and stealing treasure. Though Wario agrees, Cannoli immediately calls off the deal when Goodstyle reveals that a piece of the Wishstone is on the ship. Cannoli prepares another battle machine, Mad Hat Mk. II, to face Wario in the cargo bay where the tablet is, but he is once again unable to defeat Wario. Cannoli disappears, and Wario takes the Wishstone piece.

Cannoli follows Wario to the Smithsnorian Museum and overhears him speaking with the Sphinx about a cave hidden by a perpetual blizzard. Knowing that they are referring to Sneezemore Cave, Cannoli gets there first and spies on Wario while hiding inside a snowman. After Wario meets Carpaccio and has his progress halted by four stone doors, Cannoli demands Goodstyle back in exchange for telling him how to open the doors. Wario refuses and finds the four bird-shaped crystals needed to open the doors without Cannoli's help, then shuts them again to prevent Cannoli from following him.

Wario and Count Cannoli outside Blowhole Castle from Wario: Master of Disguise
Wario and Cannoli outside Blowhole Castle

Later, at Poobah the Pharaoh's Pyramid, Cannoli confronts Wario again. He charges at Wario, who responds by simply leaping on Cannoli's head, incapacitating him. Cannoli becomes discouraged by his consistent failure to retrieve his wand and considers giving up being a master thief altogether, but Carpaccio takes this opportunity to propose an alliance with him. Cannoli then meets Wario at the Ancient Waterworks and taunts him with knowledge of the remaining Wishstone pieces, telling him to go to Sweatmore Peak if he wanted to find out where they were. Cannoli and Carpaccio use the Barfatronic Lavachomper to increase the volcanic activity at Sweatmore Peak and make it more dangerous for Wario. However, Wario survives his trek through the volcano and destroys the Barfatronic Lavachomper. In response, Cannoli lures him inside Blowhole Castle and aligns himself with the castle's ruler, Stuffy the 64th. Stuffy attempts to force Wario to return Goodstyle to Cannoli, but Wario defeats him and escapes from the castle.

Cannoli meets Wario again outside Carpaccio's Lab and brings out his latest battle machine, Mad Hat Mk III, in an attempt to take him out. After Wario destroys it, Cannoli retreats inside the lab. He tries to hinder Wario's progress by shutting off the lab's power and walling up the path to the room where Carpaccio is keeping a piece of the Wishstone, but this does not stop him from catching up to them and getting the Wishstone piece. This prompts Carpaccio to call off their alliance and go find the final Wishstone piece at Allergia Gardens. At this point, Cannoli concedes that Wario is more worthy of being Goodstyle's master than he is and gives up trying to retrieve him. When the Wishstone is reassembled, Terrormisu breaks free and attacks Carpaccio, but Cannoli rescues him and carries him off to safety while Wario takes down Terrormisu. After the battle, Goodstyle reveals that he is Cannoli's ancestor and gives Wario the Cannoli family's treasure as a reward for defeating Terrormisu, but Wario's Telmet cannot take the treasure back to the real world with him. Cannoli ends up finding the reward, much to Wario's chagrin.

Later, Wario and Cannoli find themselves racing to obtain various items, such as ingredients for ramen soup and parts for one of Carpaccio's inventions, with Wario winning every time.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Count Cannoli appears in Super Smash Bros Ultimate as a Novice-class Attack-type primary spirit. When used, the spirit boosts the power of magic attacks. In the spirit's battle, the player faces Wario on the WarioWare, Inc. stage. The spirit is classified as a "Wario Land Series" spirit, even though Count Cannoli's game of origin is not part of that series.

Count Cannoli's core can be combined with a Mouser core and two other Neutral-type cores to summon Daroach's spirit.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

#747 Count Cannoli
Count Cannoli Series/game Wario Land Series
Type Primary
Slots 2
Class Novice
Strength / effect(s) Attack
Magic Attack ↑
How to obtain Spirit Board
Spirit battle Opponent(s) Wario

Rule: Item: Transforming Types

  • Items will be pulled toward the enemy
Stage WarioWare, Inc.
Song Ashley's Song



Audio.svg Wario: Master of Disguise - Count Cannoli's theme music. It plays during cutscenes whenever Count Cannoli appears.
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Audio.svg Wario: Master of Disguise - Count Cannoli's boss battle theme music
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アルデンテ
Aldente; "al dente" is an Italian cooking term, literally meaning "to the tooth"

French Comte Cannelloni
Cannelloni and comte ("count")
German Graf Cannoli
Count Cannoli
Italian Conte Cannoli
Count Cannoli
Russian Граф Канноли
Graf Kannoli
Count Cannoli

Spanish Conde Pannoli
Conde ("count") and Pannoli is a French modification for panoli ("villain")


  • Every time Wario battles Cannoli, he says "Buongiorno" at the beginning of the battle which is Italian for "Good morning." Occasionally when he attacks, Cannoli says "bambina" which is Italian for "baby girl".