Angelica (film character)

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Species Human
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Portrayed by Desiree Marie Velez

Angelica is a minor character in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film from the Queens borough of New York City. She is one of six women mistakenly kidnapped by Spike and Iggy thinking she was Daisy. This is alluded to early in the film when Mario and Luigi converse about the newspaper article about the missing girls from Brooklyn. Her and Daniella are the only women of the six kidnapped women to receive a proper, official name. She is played by Desiree Marie Velez.


Super Mario Bros. film[edit]

Angelica and Daniella
Daniella pointing out Mario's arrival to Angelica

In the Super Mario Bros. film, she is held at the Goomba Barracks of Koopa's Tower with other five women (and at some point, Daisy) for the majority of the movie until Mario arrives to rescue them. Her name is brought up when Daniella mentions all the other women are from Brooklyn, except for Angelica who is from Queens. When Mario enters the Goomba Barracks to save the women, Daniella is the first to notice his arrival and whispers to Angelica to not say anything but that Mario has arrived. An excited Angelica greets Mario loudly, alerting the nearby Goomba, forcing him to fight against him. Mario uses a mattress taken from the Goombas to slide down a frozen pipe with the Brooklyn girls and escape out to Koopa Square. Escorted by Luigi, she teleports back to Brooklyn through the meteorite chamber and is present when the dimensions briefly merge after Lena uses the meteorite piece.