Boom Boom Bar

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Big Bertha dancing in the Boom Boom Bar

The Boom Boom Bar is a nightclub in Dinohattan from the Super Mario Bros. film. The Boom Boom Bar is named after the recurring boss Boom Boom, who debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3.

After Princess Daisy's necklace is stolen by Big Bertha, Mario and Luigi track the woman to the Boom Boom Bar, where she works as a bouncer. Iggy and Spike spend their time drinking at the bar, waiting for Mario and Luigi to retrieve the meteorite (Luigi had earlier made a deal that they give back Daisy to the Mario Bros in exchange for the meteorite). However, after the cashier alerts Lena of the Mario Brothers' presence, there is a Goomba raid. In addition, Iggy and Spike ended up arrested due to drunkenly voicing their true feelings about Koopa and desiring to overthrow him. Big Bertha aids Mario and Luigi in their escape from the Boom Boom Bar by using her Thwomp Stompers.