Boom Boom Bar

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Boom Boom Bar
The Boom Boom Bar as depicted in the Super Mario Bros. film.

The Boom Boom Bar is a nightclub in Dinohattan from the Super Mario Bros. film. The Boom Boom Bar is named after the recurring boss Boom Boom, who debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3.

After Princess Daisy's necklace is stolen by Big Bertha, Mario and Luigi track the woman to the Boom Boom Bar, where she works as a bouncer. Iggy and Spike spend their time drinking at the bar, waiting for Mario and Luigi to retrieve the meteorite and begin realizing they have negative feelings for Koopa and wish to overthrow his reign. Mario and Luigi check in their tool belts to the Hat Check Girl, who notices they are the wanted criminals featured on the poster in the hat check room. She phones to alert Lena of Mario and Luigi's presence in the Boom Boom Bar. During this time, Mario begins dancing with Big Bertha to sneakily retrieve the meteorite piece from her neck. Though he is successful, Lena and a group of Goombas storm in, arresting Spike and Iggy and taking the meteorite piece from Mario and Luigi. Big Bertha aids Mario and Luigi in escaping by knocking out the Hat Check Girl and hiding in the hat check room. Big Bertha barricades the door and holds it shut, while she advises Mario and Luigi to use the Thwomp Stompers in the room. Mario and Luigi jump out of a window with the Thwomp Stompers, and the Goombas pursue them out the Boom Boom Bar.



  • A deleted scene would have taken place at the Boom Boom Bar, where Iggy and Spike drunkenly perform an anti-Koopa rap song. This would have then be followed up by the arrest of Iggy and Spike, still present in the final cut.[1]
  • According to the Super Mario Bros. Trading Cards, the dance they are performing in the Boom Boom Bar is called the "Dactyl". The naming of this dance stems from Pterodactyl, a type of dinosaur.