Anthony Scapelli

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Anthony Scapelli
Anthony Scapelli
Species Human
Chimpanzee (after de-evolution)
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Portrayed by Gianni Russo
"Corey" (chimp form)
You look like a smart girl. I bet you'll be done by tonight. A lot of girls have been going missing in Brooklyn lately. I'd be careful.”
Anthony Scapelli, Super Mario Bros.

Anthony Scapelli is a character in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film, played by Gianni Russo. He is the head contractor of Scapelli Construction, rivaling Mario and Luigi's plumbing business, Mario Bros. Plumbing Services. He was named after the old advertising boss of Parker Bennett and Terry Runté, Bob Scarpelli.[1]


Super Mario Bros. film[edit]

Anthony Scapelli chimp form
Scapelli's de-evolved chimpanzee form

A news announcer explains that Scapelli Construction's project has been halted due to the finding of dinosaur fossils in the area, prompting the New York University to begin an excavation project. Anthony Scapelli is introduced arriving to the scene with businessmen acting as his bodyguards. He asks the excavation team who the head of the team is, and Daisy speaks up to announce that is her. Scapelli demands her to stop her excavation, and Daisy responds saying the research is very important and that the constant harassment from Scapelli's employees has been slowing progress further. Anthony Scapelli threatens Daisy, causing Daisy to leave, letting James know she plans to call the university for more security. Later, Scapelli's workers are seen fleeing from the dig site, having sabotaged the excavation team's project by breaking several pipes and flooding the dig site. It is revealed late in the film by Iggy and Spike that it was a human accidentally broke the wall between the dimensions of Earth and Dinohattan; Mario reasons this was accidentally done by Scapelli's employees.

At the end of the film, Scapelli and two of his businessmen are present at the dig site when the two dimensions are briefly merged by Lena. Daniella and the previously kidnapped women begin alerting the news press and everyone present that there is an incoming invasion from another dimension. Though Koopa's Tower merges with the World Trade Center, Scapelli believes the whole event to be a publicity stunt. President Koopa appears as a result of the merge and attempts to hit Mario with the Devolution Gun. Mario dodges the blast, hitting Scapelli and de-evolving him into a chimpanzee (even though humans were not actually evolved from chimpanzees, but rather from an ancient species of apes known as Australopithecus). A surprised Mario questions the de-evolved Scapelli and he responds with a facepalm. His employees pick him up, confused and worried as the crowd laughs at him.

Deleted scene[edit]

A deleted scene at the Riverfront Cafe would have revealed that Mario states to have grown up with Anthony Scapelli.



  • In early drafts of the script, he was named Eddie Scapelli, and was initially meant to be related to Mario's girlfriend Daniella.[2][3]
  • The Super Mario Bros. film manga, Super Mario: Makai Teikoku no Megami, omits his character altogether but does feature three unrelated humans that get turned into monkeys to fulfill his role.


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