Anthony Scapelli

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Anthony Scapelli
Species Human
Chimpanzee (after de-evolution)
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Portrayed by Gianni Russo
“Scapelli! They beat us again!”
Mario, Super Mario Bros.

Anthony Scapelli is a character in the Super Mario Bros. film. He is the head contractor of Scapelli Construction, rivaling Mario and Luigi's plumbing business, Mario Bros. Plumbing.

Near the beginning of the film, Scapelli shows up at a New York University dig site, demanding that they leave so that his business can continue construction, as one of Scapelli's projects had originally been halted to allow the dig. According to Daisy, Scapelli's workers have been harassing them in order to force them to stop. While he is negotiating with Daisy, he threatens the project, which causes Daisy to leave to call the university for more security. Later, Scapelli's workers are at the dig site, sabotaging the project by breaking several pipes.

Scapelli as a chimp.

Later, Iggy and Spike tell Mario that a human has accidentally broken the wall between dimensions, making it easier for him to invade Earth. Mario reasons that it must have been Anthony Scapelli and his employees. While Koopa is on the verge of invading, Scapelli is present at the dig site when Koopa's Tower merges with the World Trade Center. Afterward, when Koopa and Mario arrive, Koopa attempts to blast Mario with a Devolution Gun but instead hits Scapelli, de-evolving him into a chimp.


  • Anthony Scapelli was named after the old advertising boss of Parker Bennett and Terry Runté, Bob Scarpelli.[1]
  • In early drafts of the script, he was named Eddie Scapelli, and was initially meant to be related to Mario's girlfriend Daniella.[2][3]


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