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Full name Ignatius
Species Dinohattanite
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Portrayed by Fisher Stevens

Iggy (later referred to as Ignatius by Spike[1]) is the cousin and henchmen of President Koopa in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film. His namesake is based on the Super Mario franchise Koopaling Iggy Koopa, though their only similarity is that they are both high-ranking minions to Koopa (Bowser in the video games). Iggy and Spike are initially depicted as incompetent low intelligence minions of their cousin, Koopa, and serve as an antagonist duo for a majority of the movie. Iggy claims to be the "brains" of the duo, though they are shown to think alike, forming schemes together and finishing each other's sentences on occasion. They frequently bicker and abuse each other. At some point during the movie, Koopa grows tired of their low intelligence, and reasons he can advance their intelligence with his Devo Chamber machine. After their intelligence is raised, they slowly begin to realize they despise how Koopa treats them, and eventually betray him and ally with the protagonists. He is played by Fisher Stevens.



Sometime prior to the film's main plot line, the portal between the Dinohattan dimension and Earth was inadvertently re-opened by Scapelli Construction. Koopa sends Iggy and Spike to retrieve Daisy and her meteorite necklace, as he needs them both to be able to combine the dimensions and be able to rule over both. Iggy and Spike, unsure of how to find who they're looking for, begin kidnapping various women in Brooklyn, New York and bringing them back to Koopa in hopes it's Daisy. One of those women is Angelica.

Super Mario Bros. film[edit]

Iggy: There she is!<br>Bill Corbett: The girl who stole my eyebrows!
Iggy (left) and Spike (right) scouting for Daisy in Brooklyn

Iggy and Spike are introduced in Brooklyn, New York, scouting for women to kidnap that may be Daisy. They initially kidnap Daniella after she is dropped off by Mario at her apartment, though they later come to find Daisy in the New York sewers with Mario and Luigi. They take hold of Daisy, dragging her through the tunnels chased by Mario and Luigi. Luigi reaches out for Daisy as she's being dragged into the Dinohattan portal, snatching the meteorite necklace off her. Iggy and Spike deliver Daisy to Koopa, who becomes enraged that they did not successfully retrieve the meteorite piece. He sends them back out to find Mario and Luigi.

They later spot Mario and Luigi from afar in the Koopahari Desert, and return to Koopa's Tower to inform Koopa. Koopa becomes enraged at their decision to return to him instead of capturing the brothers, and straps Spike to the Devo Chamber. Iggy mocks him, believing that Spike is going to be de-evolved to a Goomba. In reality, Koopa plans to advance his intelligence with the Devo Chamber, under the notion that they will cease to make senseless mistakes after. Iggy is confused when Spike re-emerges from the Devo Chamber reciting mathematical equations. Like Spike, Iggy is strapped to the Devo Chamber machine next and his intelligence is advanced.

Iggy in the Devo Chamber
Iggy strapped to the Devo Chamber to "Advance" his intelligence

Iggy and Spike, now of higher intelligence, return to Koopahari Desert driving a six-wheeled vehicle. Despite their forwarded intelligence, they manage to crash the vehicle and are captured and tied to one another by Mario and Luigi. Iggy and Spike explain to the brothers the purpose of the meteorite piece they are after, and they come to an agreement with Mario and Luigi to return Daisy to them, in exchange for the meteorite piece. Luigi informs them that the meteorite piece was taken by someone in Koopa Square, and using his description of the person, deduce its Big Bertha from the Boom Boom Bar. Mario, Luigi, Spike and Iggy agree to work together to retrieve the meteorite piece and overtake a Sludge Gulper from a group of Snifits. With this garbage truck, they drive to the Boom Boom Bar. Iggy lends Mario and Luigi club suits, mentioning that they were originally belonging to his ex-wife. He mentions that he and Spike still wear them when they go on dates.

At the Boom Boom Bar, they begin to realize their more negative feelings towards Koopa, but are soon arrested by Lena and various Goombas. They are taken back to Koopa's Tower, where Koopa learns that they have turned on him and plan to overthrow him. Koopa orders them killed, and they are escorted by Goombas through Koopa's Tower. They manage to escape after the Goombas become distracted using a flamethrower against Toad, and Iggy and Spike run off with Daisy through the halls of Koopa's Tower, claiming to always have been loyal supporters of her. Iggy and Spike take Daisy to Devo 4 to explain that her father has been turned into a fungal mass by Koopa. They leave the room to give her time alone with the King.

They are not seen until after the credits of the film, where they are shown on Earth pitching the concept of a Super Koopa Cousins video game based on their life experiences to a group of Japanese businessmen.

Deleted scenes[edit]

There are various deleted scenes regarding Spike and Iggy omitted from the final film. The most notable scene is during the Boom Boom Bar scene, where Iggy and Spike would have performed an anti-Koopa rap song, fully displaying their change of character.

Super Mario: Makai Teikoku no Megami[edit]

Spike and Iggy in Super Mario: Makai Teikoku no Megami
Spike (left) and Iggy (right) in Super Mario: Makai Teikoku no Megami

In the simplified manga adaptation of the Super Mario Bros. film titled Super Mario: Makai Teikoku no Megami, Iggy and Spike appear as minor characters. They reprise their film role in that they kidnap Daisy, failing to retrieve the meteorite piece. Differing from the film, an angry Koopa decides to de-evolve them both into Goombas with his Devo Gun. The Goomba-fied Spike and Iggy retrieve the meteorite necklace from Luigi and insert it into the meteorite chamber to merge the worlds, fulfilling the role of Lena from the film. Like Lena, they are unable to withstand the force of the merge and die.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

ERTL Action Figure file card[edit]

In this portion of The Times, we honor a citizen of Dinohatten, who has made a statement, left an impression, stood out above the rest, been different. These good people are not necessarily good. Some are, some aren't. You be the judge.

This day, we honor Iggy.
Hometown: Dinohattan
Occupation: Koopa's Henchman
Personality Trait: Cowardly, but brave
Ancestor: Dinosaurs
Best Friend: Spike
Favorite Food: Flies
Contribution to Society: Another member of Koopa's select undercover force. He will follow Koopa's orders until the day he is devo'd...



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