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Species Human
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Portrayed by Dana Kaminski

Daniella is Mario's girlfriend, portrayed by Dana Kaminski, in the 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros. film. She, like most other human characters in the movie, has a thick Brooklyn accent. In The Making of... Super Mario Bros., Dana Kaminski reveals that Daniella's attraction to Mario stems from liking his "old world family values".


Super Mario Bros. film[edit]

In the film's beginning, she is shown living in Brooklyn, first introduced attending a double date between her and her boyfriend, Mario with Luigi and Daisy. They eat at an Italian restaurant called Bella Napoli. After dinner, Mario drops Daniella off at her apartment and drives off. As soon as he leaves, Iggy and Spike take a hold of her and kidnap her, believing she is Daisy. For the remainder of the film, she is held hostage at the Goomba Barracks in Koopa's Tower, bonding with the other five kidnapped women (including Angelica) in the same situation. She is momentarily excited to see the familiar face of Daisy when she is put in the Goomba Barracks with her, though Lena arrives to remove her and place her elsewhere not long after.

Angelica and Daniella
Daniella pointing out Mario to Angelica at the Goomba Barracks

Towards the film's conclusion, Mario and Luigi meet up with Daisy in the Devo 4 room of Koopa's Tower. Daisy asks Mario how Daniella is, to which he replies, "Daniella? I promised to take her to Wrestlemania." Realizing Mario is unaware Daniella was kidnapped, she instructs Mario to go save her from the Goomba Barracks. Mario finds said room and quietly enters, silently making Daniella aware he is here to save her. An excited Daniella sees him and alerts Angelica, advising her to be silent, but Angelica ignores the request and loudly greets Mario. This alerts the Goombas guarding the room, prompting Mario to take action and begin fighting them. Mario takes a mattress from the Goomba Barracks room, and props open a door that is the ventilation system of the room. Mario and the six women board the mattress and slide down the frozen pipe of the ventilation system, pursued by Goombas on a mattress of their own. This pipe takes them straight to Koopa Square, where Luigi and Daisy are able to meet up with her and the other Brooklyn women and they lead her back through the portal to Earth. Back on Earth, she begins alerting a news crew of the incoming invasion from Dinohattan, and once Lena merges the two dimensions, she points out that the World Trade Center has turned into Koopa's Tower. After President Koopa is defeated, and Mario and Luigi return to New York, she moves in with the brothers and is seen making them dinner in the ending.



  • In early drafts of the film, she was the daughter[1] or sister[2][3] of Eddie Scapelli, the prototypical Anthony Scapelli. In one draft after her familial relations with Scapelli (known as Eddie Canelli in this revision) was written out, she was given the surname Verducci.[4]