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This article is about the king of Dinohattan. For the king of the Mushroom Kingdom, see Mushroom King.
The King
King film 1.png
The King.
Full name King Bowser
Species Dinohattanite
Latest portrayal Lance Henriksen
“I'm back... I love those plumbers!”
The King, Super Mario Bros.

The King (as his role is credited) appears as a main character in the Super Mario Bros. film. He is Daisy's father, husband of the late queen and the king of Dinohattan, but had been overthrown and de-evolved by President Koopa into a giant sentient fungus that had spread across the parallel world to obstruct Koopa's construction projects.

He continually aids Mario and Luigi throughout the film in their quest to defeat Koopa. Once they successfully do so by killing Koopa, the King reverts back to his human form.


  • The King is identified by Toad in an early draft screenplay with the name King Karma.[1] In a later revision, he was called King Murphy.[2] While the film was being shot, further rewrites renamed him King Bowser.[3] None of these names ever made it on screen.
    • The Todd Strasser novelization of the film and other promotional material relied on the final drafts and identified the character as King Bowser.[4]


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