Snifit (film species)

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First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Variant of Dinohattanite

Snifits in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film are depicted as mask wearing garbage collector workers. They are named after the video game series' Snifits, and bear some resemblance to the Fungus Unit featured earlier in the film. As they are always depicted with their masks and suits on, it is never made clear as to their appearance or species but they are not shown to be able to properly speak, instead communicating through dinosaur-type creature noises. They work collecting and transporting trash in and out of the Dinohattan city with their Sludge Gulper trucks.

When they are out in the Koopahari Desert, Mario, Luigi, Iggy and Spike come to a junk yard with Snifit workers. They knock out some workers with the brothers' plungers and overtake their Sludge Gulper. All four of them put on Snifit masks to blend in and successfully leave the junk yard without the other Snifits noticing. Later in the film, a Snifit briefly appears driving the Sludge Gulper that transports Mario and Luigi to the entrance of Koopa's Tower after their Boom Boom Bar escape.