Room 4-4 (Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!)

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Room 4-4
MvDKMMA Room 4-4 Screenshot.png
Level code 4-4
World Jungle Rumble (Normal Mode)
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!
Time limit 300 seconds
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Room 4-4 (titled Room 3-4 in the British English version) is the fourth course of Jungle Rumble in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!. The course introduces the Snifit enemy, which shoots five deadly projectiles in a row while facing a direction. In this level, Pop-up Gates can be temporarily activated in front of these Snifits and used to block their projectiles.

The course features three mini toys.


All minis start on the bottom level of the course: two on the left, the other one on the right. Using Pink Blocks, they need to be guided into a Split Pipe located a level directly above them while avoiding a Snifit that shoots projectiles. The pipe will warp them to the top floor, from where the player needs to help the toys descend a level lower using Pink Blocks and lead them to the Goal Door on the left.

Mini Mario Card[edit]

The Mini Mario Card is in the top left, above the Goal Door. To reach it, the minis should be warped to the top floor and cross a gap with Pink Blocks.