Room 2-2+

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This article is about the level designated "2-2+" in American and Japanese regions. For the level designated "2-2+" in other regions, see Room 3-2+.
Room 2-2+
Room2-2+ MvsDK MMA.png
Level code 2-2+
World Sandstone Stroll (Plus Mode)
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!
Time limit 300 seconds
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Room 2-2+ (titled Room 1-2+ in the British English version) is the second Plus Mode course of Sandstone Stroll in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!.

The course features three mini toys.


All minis start in the middle of the course; two on a platform in the center and the other one above them on a girder platform. The Goal Door is in the top left and is initially separated from other platforms because of a retracted yellow bridge. The minis should first be guided by Pink Blocks to a Red Color Switch on the right side of the stage. Pressing it will cause a red gate in the bottom left to retract, enabling access to a Yellow Color Switch. The minis should be directed to the switch and press it, extending the yellow bridge near the Goal Door. A Yellow Spring will bring the minis to the upper level, where the player should afterwards use several Pink Blocks to lead the minis onto the yellow bridge and, ultimately, the goal.

Mini Mario Card[edit]

The Mini Mario Card is on the bottom level, towards the right. To reach it, the player should either remove at least one Pink Block above the card to form a gap for the minis to fall there from the upper level, or guide the toys with Pink Blocks from the left. Right after the card, there is a Pop-up Gate which should be activated to prevent the minis from dropping onto a row of spikes.