Room 4-SP+

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Room 4-SP+
Room 4-SP+ MvsDK MMA.png
Level code 4-SP+
World Jungle Rumble (Plus Mode)
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!
Time limit 300 seconds
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Room 4-SP+ (titled Room 3-SP+ in the British English version) is the Special Level in the Plus Mode version of Jungle Rumble in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!. It is unlocked once all lettered Mini Mario Cards are collected on this floor.

The course features six mini toys.


The course is a large puzzle with many colored gates and bridges that can be extended or retracted by pressing the Color Switches of corresponding color. Three minis start one next to each other toward the top left, while the three other minis start in enclosed spaces at the top, each one locked away by a bridge of a different color. The Goal Door is in the bottom right corner of the course. Compared to other courses in the game, this course has a somewhat linear solution, with the minis having to follow certain paths to find and press the Color Switches situated throughout the level, freeing each mini at the top one by one.

Upon activation, the three free minis will soon fall into a gap and land between two Pink Block grids. With Pink Blocks, the player has to direct them to the left side of the level while helping them cross a row of spikes. After falling through two gaps, the minis will encounter a Yellow Color Switch, which will unlock the way for the first mini at the top of the level. The minis at the bottom will then fall in an enclosed area between two blue gates.

Meanwhile, the mini at the top will cross a yellow bridge and fall into a gap at the far right. The player should use Pink Blocks to guide the toy a level lower into a passage with Coins that leads to a Red Color Switch. Pressing it will unlock the path for the second mini at the top of the level, and the mini that pressed it will soon fall in the enclosed space at the bottom, joining the other toys.

The newly-rescued mini should follow the same path as the previous mini until it reaches a retracted red gate past some spikes. Going beyond it, the mini will land a level lower, and the player should change the toy's direction with Pink Blocks to keep it from falling onto another pit of spikes. The toy will soon press the Yellow Color Switch and, after walking on an extended red bridge, encounter and press the Blue Color Switch on a lone platform, then fall into the area where the other minis are located. The blue switch opens the gates around the minis, allowing them to enter the Goal Door to the right.

The Blue Color Switch also unlocks the path for the third and last mini at the top. In addition, it retracts a blue platform at the top right, causing a Yellow Spring that was standing on it to fall onto another blue platform that has extended underneath. Shortly after the mini escapes its confinement, the player should help it cross a pit of spikes to the right with some Pink Blocks and reach the Yellow Spring. The spring will bounce the toy up to a cyan Split Pipe in the ceiling, which will warp it to the bottom of the course, beside the Goal Door.

Mini Mario Card[edit]

The Mini Mario Card is next to the Goal Door. It is collected by the last rescued mini immediately after exiting the cyan Split Pipe that leads to the door


The M-Token is located over a pit of spikes in the center of the level. The player can lead the minis to it from the left with Pink Blocks. A single Pink Block can be placed under the token to prevent the minis from falling onto the spikes underneath.