Floor 1 Donkey Kong

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This article is about the level called "Floor 1 Donkey Kong" in the American English version. For the level called "Floor 1 Donkey Kong" in the British English version, see Floor 2 Donkey Kong.
Floor 1 Donkey Kong
World Mini Mayhem (Normal Mode)
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!
Time limit 180 seconds
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Floor 1 Donkey Kong (titled Floor G Donkey Kong in the British English version) is the Donkey Kong level of Mini Mayhem in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!. It is a boss fight against Donkey Kong. During boss fights, the player takes control of a cannon which can be scrolled from side to side by rotating a wheel. The player has a reserve of six minis that must be shot from the cannon to pummel Donkey Kong, who appears on the top screen of the console and throws obstacles at the toys.


The course is almost identical to the boss level of Mushroom Mayhem from Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis. Donkey Kong repeatedly pops out of three windows on the top screen and slams his fists on the sills, causing debris such as barrels, girders and dumbells to fall from above. The player should aim to shoot Donkey Kong with minis while moving the cannon around to avoid the falling debris. After a while, blue clocks will sometimes descend from above, adding 30 seconds to the time limit when collected. After DK is hit a third time, long red girders that are more difficult to avoid will fall occasionally. Donkey Kong must be hit a total of six times to defeat him.

Mini Mario Card[edit]

Shortly after hitting Donkey Kong a second time, a Mini Mario Card starts flashing periodically from one window to another. The player can collect the card by shooting a mini into it at the right moment.