Room 3-2+

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This article is about the level designated "3-2+" in American and Japanese regions. For the level designated "3-2+" in other regions, see Room 4-2+.
Room 3-2+
Room3-2+ MvsDK MMA.png
Level code 3-2+
World Magnet Mania (Plus Mode)
Game Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!
Time limit 300 seconds
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Room 3-2+ (titled Room 2-2+ in the British English version) is the second Plus Mode course of Magnet Mania in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!.

The course features three mini toys.


The minis start on different levels on the left side of the course. The Goal Door sits right next to the mini on the bottom, but the minis cannot immediately enter it due to their initial positions. Instead, the bottom and middle minis will use a Split Pipe to warp to the top left soon after activation, while the top mini already starts there. From this area, the player should guide the toys with Pink Blocks down to the Goal Door while avoiding a Thwomp and some spikes at the bottom.

Mini Mario Card[edit]

The Mini Mario Card is under the Thwomp on the left, surrounded by a grid for Pink Blocks. The player should use Pink Blocks to guide the minis to the card while keeping the Thwomp away from them.


The M-Token is located in the top right corner of the stage, with two Thwomps blocking the path that leads to it. The minis should first go under each Thwomp and trigger them to fall down without getting crushed. As soon as they are moved away, the Thwomps can be immobilized with Pink Blocks to keep them from rising back up. The player should then guide the minis to the Split Pipe in the bottom left so that they reach the upper platforms. Once there, the player can guide the minis to the token with several Pink Blocks.